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Michael Spencer Michael Spencer was the founder and primary writer of Internet Monk and author of Mere Churchianity. The title “Internet Monk” comes from his appreciation for Trappist monk and writer Thomas Merton. He taught at an international Christian boarding school in southeastern Kentucky. He was a leading voice critiquing American evangelicalism, culminating in hisContinue reading “The Internet Monk Archives”

The IM Saturday Monks Brunch: November 17, 2018

The IM Saturday Monks Brunch: November 17, 2018 We’re less than a week from Thanksgiving and soon we’ll be moving into the Advent season. Here in central Indiana we had our first ice and snow event this past week (see the picture above), which was relatively minor and its effects soon melted away. We’ve hadContinue reading “The IM Saturday Monks Brunch: November 17, 2018”

Saturday Brunch, May 5, 2018

Hello, friends, and welcome to the weekend. Hungry for some brunch? We have lots on the brunch buffet today. Mostly lighter fare this week. But one thing we won’t be serving is this: That, my friend, is ham-flavored ice cream. Yes, an ice cream emporium in the Garden State, Windy Brow Farms, has raised eyebrows by launching aContinue reading “Saturday Brunch, May 5, 2018”

Saturday Brunch, April 28, 2018

Hello, friends, and welcome to the weekend. Hungry for some brunch? In the true spirit of brunch, we have tried to offer up a little of everything: pictures, odd stories, serious issues, potty humor, beautiful cars, shower thoughts, and whatever else comes to my mind. A friend from Brazil posted this on Facebook last night.Continue reading “Saturday Brunch, April 28, 2018”

The Saturday Monks Brunch: April 7, 2018

MICHAEL SPENCER MEMORIAL EDITION Michael Spencer left us eight years ago, on April 5, 2010. We miss him greatly, and want to honor his legacy today. So, we devote this week’s Brunch to Michael, the original Internet Monk. ✢ ✢ ✢ THE VOICE OF THE INTERNET MONK… Let’s start by hearing the voice of theContinue reading “The Saturday Monks Brunch: April 7, 2018”

Saturday Ramblings: August 13, 2016

Welcome to Saturday Ramblings for August 13, 2016. Since we looked at the restoration of Elvis’s BMW last Saturday, it made we think, “Surely I can find some pictures by someone who restored an old Nash Rambler!” And that’s when I found Dave Simley’s post, showing how he brought a 1953 Nash Rambler Custom Convertible back toContinue reading “Saturday Ramblings: August 13, 2016”

iMonk Classic: Death: The Road that Must Be Traveled

  Note from CM: This week, as we commemorate Michael Spencer’s passing five years ago, we thank God for the hope of eternal life and hear this reminder from Michael: “…the Christian does not see death as the triumph of death, but as the giving way of death to life. In the final moments, thisContinue reading “iMonk Classic: Death: The Road that Must Be Traveled”