Another Look: Time to Leave Behind the Rapture

Note from CM: We’ve talked about a few aspects of eschatology this week. I thought it might be good to re-post this piece that was originally run in May 2011, right before the Harold Camping debacle. As the header art indicates, the subject is bound to be widely discussed again soon, thanks to what IContinue reading “Another Look: Time to Leave Behind the Rapture”

Time to Leave Behind the Rapture

By Chaplain Mike Come on, children You’re acting like children Every generation Thinks it’s the end of the world – Wilco, “You Never Know” I had a spiritual awakening as a teenager in a time when prophetic expectations were high. Israel was in her land and engaged in violent confrontations with her antagonistic neighbors. IssuesContinue reading “Time to Leave Behind the Rapture”

The Internet Monk Archives

Michael Spencer Michael Spencer was the founder and primary writer of Internet Monk and author of Mere Churchianity. The title “Internet Monk” comes from his appreciation for Trappist monk and writer Thomas Merton. He taught at an international Christian boarding school in southeastern Kentucky. He was a leading voice critiquing American evangelicalism, culminating in hisContinue reading “The Internet Monk Archives”

As Long as We Approach the Bible This Way, We’re in Trouble

I will confess: I have been away from this kind of thinking for quite awhile now, so whenever I hear a clear example of it, I am almost shocked at how silly it sounds to me at this point in my journey. I saw a post recently by Pastor/Evangelist Greg Laurie with this title: WhereContinue reading “As Long as We Approach the Bible This Way, We’re in Trouble”

The Most Discussed Posts on IM in 2011

I have said it before and will keep on saying it because I’ve learned I can count on our faithful IM community: YOU make Internet Monk the great conversation that it has become. We had 17 posts that generated over 200 comments each this year. Of course, not every post gets that much discussion. SomeContinue reading “The Most Discussed Posts on IM in 2011”

Another Look: Just in case you were wondering, I love the Bible

Just in case you were wondering, I love the Bible. I learned this from my life in evangelicalism. One key characteristic of evangelical Christianity is its commitment to the Bible as God’s Word. The evangelical (and “soft” fundamentalist) churches I was in were “Bible” churches, plain and simple. That’s what we were about. We taughtContinue reading “Another Look: Just in case you were wondering, I love the Bible”

The Saturday Monks Brunch: December 9, 2017

Welcome to the refectory, iMonks! Time for another edition of our Saturday Brunch. We are in the Advent season and just marked St. Nicholas Day on Dec. 6. But beware! There are many imposters out there — • • • THE POPE WANTS TO CHANGE THE LORD’S PRAYER? Andrew Perriman reports that the Pope hasContinue reading “The Saturday Monks Brunch: December 9, 2017”

Saturday Ramblings: May 28, 2016 – Race Version

Ain’t no ramblin’ Rambler today, friends. This is Race Weekend here in Indy, and a special one at that. This Memorial Day Sunday will mark the 100th running of the Greatest Spectacle in Racing, the Indianapolis 500. Your chaplain won’t be going anywhere near 16th and Georgetown tomorrow, however. Officials announced the first sellout inContinue reading “Saturday Ramblings: May 28, 2016 – Race Version”

Best of Michael Spencer: Wretched Urgency

Note from CM: Today, we present Michael’s classic critique of revivalistic fundamentalism that introduced a key term into the post-evangelical lexicon. • • • Wretched Urgency: The Grace of God, or Hamsters on a Wheel? My friend and prayer partner just looked across the lunch table and said I didn’t look good. In fact, he saidContinue reading “Best of Michael Spencer: Wretched Urgency”