A Meditation for the First Day of Winter from Peter Mayer

A Meditation for the First Day of Winter • My Soul by Peter Mayer There are a hundred billion snowflakes swirling in the cosmic storm And each one is a galaxy, a billion stars or more And each star is a million earths, a giant fiery sun High up in the sky, maybe shining onContinue reading “A Meditation for the First Day of Winter from Peter Mayer”

Another Look: Merton – Before We Can Become Gods We Must Be Human

Thomas Merton contended that human beings have lost a great deal in modern, technological society. What we have gained in efficiency and productivity has, in many ways, sucked the humanity and spirituality from our inner beings. In this meditation from Seasons of Celebration, the monk laments that we have separated ourselves from intimacy with theContinue reading “Another Look: Merton – Before We Can Become Gods We Must Be Human”

“Winter: A Dirge,” by Robert Burns

Winter: A Dirge By Robert Burns The wintry west extends his blast, And hail and rain does blaw; Or, the stormy north sends driving forth The blinding sleet and snaw: While tumbling brown, the burn comes down, And roars frae bank to brae; And bird and beast in covert rest, And pass the heartless day.Continue reading ““Winter: A Dirge,” by Robert Burns”

Another Look: The Contexts of Faith

Much Christian piety and spirituality is romantic and unreal in its positiveness. As children of the Enlightenment, we have censored and selected around the voice of darkness and disorientation, seeking to go from strength to strength, from victory to victory. But such a way not only ignores the Psalms; it is a lie in termsContinue reading “Another Look: The Contexts of Faith”

Another Look: Living in God’s Story

Note from CM: For many in evangelical traditions, the celebration of a special season around Christmas leads into a long period before the next special season of the church around Holy Week and Easter. There is little appreciation for seasons such as Epiphany. In my opinion, this is a great loss, for it is inContinue reading “Another Look: Living in God’s Story”

Another Look: Ordinary Time

For those who follow the Christian Calendar, we are now in the season after Pentecost. This season is also known as, “Ordinary Time.” Robert Webber explains the meaning of the term, and how this season compares to the rest of the liturgical year: The period between Pentecost and the beginning of Advent is called ordinaryContinue reading “Another Look: Ordinary Time”

Gray Church: Another Ecclesiastical Dream

Note from CM: I was going to write a post today expressing another dream I have for the church: that in our youth-focused American culture our churches might find ways to help people in the second-half of life understand what spiritual formation and a Jesus-shaped life mean for them. I think the traditional churches doContinue reading “Gray Church: Another Ecclesiastical Dream”

Another Look: It’s a Wonderful Gospel

What do you need when you have spent your whole life giving to others, sacrificing your dreams to do the responsible thing, being the person others count on when the chips are down; when you are tired of being “that guy” that everyone looks to but no one appreciates? What do you need when youContinue reading “Another Look: It’s a Wonderful Gospel”

Sermon: One who gave me great gifts (All Saints Sunday)

Note from CM: Today’s sermon is not a message from a text, but a testimony from my life. We celebrated All Saints on Sunday, and it is right up there as one of my favorite Sundays of the year. Not only do we get to sing “For All the Saints” and other great hymns, but weContinue reading “Sermon: One who gave me great gifts (All Saints Sunday)”

Another Look: Seasons and Paths of Formation

Note from CM: I’m starting a class tonight at our local United Methodist church, based upon my book, Walking Home Together. The first lesson will be about the various seasons of our lives and what characterizes them. I thought of this post as I was preparing. ❦ Little children, I’m writing to you because yourContinue reading “Another Look: Seasons and Paths of Formation”