Counting the Commandments

Those of you who have experience in various Christian traditions may have observed that there are different ways of numbering the “Ten Commandments.” This is not a mere academic issue of interpretation. It can be shown that the different schemes can lead to some significant ways of understanding and living out the faith. In myContinue reading “Counting the Commandments”

An Introduction To St. Columcille

A while back, I threatened to write about the three patron saints of Ireland, and since I’ve covered St. Patrick and St. Bridget, now it’s time to tell you all about St. Columcille, because his feast day was yesterday, the 9th of June. Some of you may be more familiar with him under the AnglicisedContinue reading “An Introduction To St. Columcille”

God’s Marvelous, Massive, Messy House

God’s Marvelous, Massive, Messy House Part 1: A Thousand-Year Foundation Diarmaid MacCulloch’s Christianity has an intriguing subtitle: “The First Three Thousand Years.” Of course, Christianity per se has only been in existence for two thousand of those years. However, it was built upon a foundation laid down in the millennium that preceded its emergence. SoContinue reading “God’s Marvelous, Massive, Messy House”

Stories of Circus Acts Past

I am making an effort to read more Christian history this year. Right now I am working through Diarmaid MacCulloch’s impressive Christianity: The First Three Thousand Years. On Friday, I will post the first in a series of articles on “God’s Marvelous, Massive, Messy House,” working our way through the long and complex story ofContinue reading “Stories of Circus Acts Past”

God’s “Winning” Team

Jeff’s post about Tim Tebow started me thinking the other day. What does Jesus’ team look like and what is their record in big games? So I looked it up, and here’s what I found… JESUS’ TEAM OF “WINNERS” Peter “The Rock” was executed around AD64 during the persecutions of Emperor Nero, or later inContinue reading “God’s “Winning” Team”

Luther on the Marks of the Church

By Chaplain Mike For, thank God, a child seven years old knows what the Church is, namely, the holy believers and lambs who hear the voice of their Shepherd. • Martin Luther, The Smalcald Articles, III.12 In order to deal with the religious controversies that had emerged between Rome and the Protestants, Martin Luther andContinue reading “Luther on the Marks of the Church”

Reaching the Rough and Tumble of Society: An Historical Example

By Chaplain Mike OK, so you have a heart to reach men for Christ—working class men, work with your hands and bring home the bacon kind of men, hard working and sometimes hard living “men’s” men, men who are not afraid to break a sweat and get dirty. These are not the kind of menContinue reading “Reaching the Rough and Tumble of Society: An Historical Example”

Augustine’s Inner Conflict about Music

By Chaplain Mike Music has always been a matter of contention in the church. We’ve been talking about that with regard to current “worship wars” and “revolutions” in church music. That is NOT what this post is about. No, I want us to think about another conflict with regard to music in the church, oneContinue reading “Augustine’s Inner Conflict about Music”

The Liturgical Gangstas Talk about Church History

Presented by Chaplain Mike Our regular feature with friends from different Christian traditions continues today with a question about the place of church history and traditions in our current practice. There are a couple more Gangstas who have said they may want to chime in addition to those represented here. When I get their posts,Continue reading “The Liturgical Gangstas Talk about Church History”