Friday with the Fathers (2)

By Chaplain Mike On Fridays during the Lenten season, we are meditating on brief introductions to the Apostolic Fathers. These are the first Christian writings we have outside the pages of the New Testament itself. Dates range from the second half of the first century to the first half of the second century. The traditionalContinue reading “Friday with the Fathers (2)”

Repenting of a Political Mindset

By Chaplain Mike NOTE: Either I have communicated poorly or my use of the word “political” has thrown some of you off in terms of the focus of this post. I am using the words “politics” and “political” in their more informal, secondary sense in what follows. includes the following definitions: politics = anyContinue reading “Repenting of a Political Mindset”

Friday with the Fathers (1)

By Chaplain Mike During Lent, we will contemplate excerpts from the Apostolic Fathers. These are the earliest Christian writings known to us outside the pages of the New Testament itself. Their works come from the latter half of the first century and the first part of the second. The traditional list of the Fathers includes:Continue reading “Friday with the Fathers (1)”

All Our Crusades Turn to Ashes

By Chaplain Mike One day in May 1212 there appeared at Saint-Denis, where King Philip of France was holding his court, a shepherd-boy of about twelve years old called Stephen, from the small town of Cloyes in the Orléannais. He brought with him a letter for the King, which, he said, had been given toContinue reading “All Our Crusades Turn to Ashes”