Conversation Enders

This has certainly been the week where we have talked about words. We have discussed etiquette when commenting here. We have discussed Christians use of militaristic words. We have talked about Christian arguments. We have looked at the need to be careful when you speak. To be honest with you, I have not been thatContinue reading “Conversation Enders”

Good Works Week III: Let’s Discuss What the Bible Says

It’s time for day three of “Good Works Week” here at IM. Or as we like to call it, “Who can Chaplain Mike offend today?” Sunday, I ticked off some of our Lutheran friends. In my naivete I wasn’t aware that just having a discussion about good works equates to promoting works-righteousness. Heck, I’m notContinue reading “Good Works Week III: Let’s Discuss What the Bible Says”

Let’s Discuss: Life Change

We need to talk. Running Michael Spencer’s classic essay “When I Am Weak” yesterday raised questions that have been part of the discussion here on Internet Monk for many years. Certain theological terms have always sparked debate here about the nature of the Christian life: Sanctification Transformation Life change Spiritual growth Faith or spiritual formationContinue reading “Let’s Discuss: Life Change”

Let’s Discuss: The Legacy of Paul Crouch and TBN

After having written this, I have to chuckle. Just to clarify: these are my words, not John MacArthur’s… * * * I must admit, I didn’t pay much attention when I heard that Paul Crouch of Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) had died on Nov. 30. I have dismissed TBN and the world of televangelism for soContinue reading “Let’s Discuss: The Legacy of Paul Crouch and TBN”

Let’s Discuss: A Taxing Question

UPDATE 2: Here is a good overview and guide to the clergy housing allowance. UPDATE: Family Research Council President Tony Perkins said that this judgment is against the Constitution. “We have seen many courts over the years attempt to banish God in various ways from the public square, but this case in particular reveals aContinue reading “Let’s Discuss: A Taxing Question”

Let’s Discuss: Church and Social Justice Ministries

I encourage you to go and read Ed Stetzer’s piece at CT, “New Research: Protestants Increase Involvement in Social Justice.” Stetzer cites recent research that indicates that Protestant churches in the U.S. are having a growing awareness of and involvement in social justice ministries “aimed at caring for the forgotten, disenfranchised, and oppressed.” I’d likeContinue reading “Let’s Discuss: Church and Social Justice Ministries”

Let’s Discuss: Needing the Whole Body of Christ

I thought we might have an open discussion today on some thoughts by Brian Zahnd. As one who has served in “charismatic flavored evangelicalism,” he found that he had become “arrogantly sectarian,” and that he “needed the riches of the whole church” if his life was to be fully formed in Christ. Click on theContinue reading “Let’s Discuss: Needing the Whole Body of Christ”

Drawing A Line In The Sand

They were trying to trap him into saying something they could use against him, but Jesus stooped down and wrote in the dust with his finger.  [John 8:6, NLT] I have a friend—let’s call her Gwen—who is searching for a new church. This is a popular pastime in Tulsa. Church-hopping is an artform for manyContinue reading “Drawing A Line In The Sand”