Question: Is Evangelism Child Abuse?

My last post has stirred up some, uh….”interesting” commentary and email. To the point: in the view of some people, evangelism of teenagers is abusive and unethical. Since I’m a preacher who preaches the Gospel to teenagers with an appeal for their conversion, I’m engaged in abusive behavior. This especially seems to to apply, toContinue reading “Question: Is Evangelism Child Abuse?”

Noted: St. Basil has a very good idea

St. Basil the Great had the right idea. At such a time, then, there is need of great effort and diligence that the Churches may in some way be benefited. It is an advantage that parts hitherto severed should be united. Union would be effected if we were willing to accommodate ourselves to the weaker,Continue reading “Noted: St. Basil has a very good idea”

Noted: John Armstrong on The “Easy” God

UPDATE: Trevin Wax posts this Phillip Yancey/Karl Barth quote. “I have learned one absolute principle in calculating God’s presence or absence, and that is that I cannot. God, invisible, sovereign, who according to the psalmist “does whatever pleases him,” sets the terms of the relationship. As the theologian Karl Barth insisted so fiercely, God isContinue reading “Noted: John Armstrong on The “Easy” God”

Noted: Mark Driscoll on “The Shack”

UPDATE: A lurker suggests that Driscoll or his researcher were reading Challies’ post on The Shack. Decide for yourself. Just one note: Driscoll seems unaware of the book’s opening chapters and the dilemma that lies at the center of the plot. It is not a book about a conversation with the Trinity. It is aContinue reading “Noted: Mark Driscoll on “The Shack””

Noted: The Critical Conversation That Never Happens

John Armstrong questions the concept of Christian hedonism, and interestingly, is immediately told that conversation shouldn’t happen. Sound familiar to anyone? BTW- I heard the confrontation of Colson’s talk on “Duty” by Piper that Armstrong refers to. It was at a Ligonier Conference years ago. The room went into shock at Piper calling out Colson,Continue reading “Noted: The Critical Conversation That Never Happens”