Reformation Week 2015 — David Lose on The Pharisee, the Tax Collector, and the Reformation

Reformation Week 2015 Reformation Day is October 31 Note from CM: I love the article by David Lose from 2013 at Working Preacher that I reference in this post: “The Pharisee, the Tax Collector, and the Reformation.” I encourage you to read it in its entirety. It is a wonderful statement about the subversive natureContinue reading “Reformation Week 2015 — David Lose on The Pharisee, the Tax Collector, and the Reformation”

Damaris Zehner: I Am Not the Hero of the Story

I Am Not the Hero of the Story by Damaris Zehner I’ve noticed an interesting psychological phenomenon, in the words of the immortal Andrew Steyne in The Gods Must Be Crazy.  I first came across it some years ago in a Sunday school class I taught and more recently in some commentary on gender rolesContinue reading “Damaris Zehner: I Am Not the Hero of the Story”

Sundays with Michael Spencer: October 4, 2015

Yesterday, I experienced the great part of being a teacher; one of those experiences that make all the others worth it. It was in my advanced placement English IV class. Our brightest seniors. I’m fortunate to be able to work with them. A few days before we’d taken our final exam, and with two daysContinue reading “Sundays with Michael Spencer: October 4, 2015”

Kansans in Oz

We Christians don’t often make the connection between progress and ideas. We live in a world of our own, where we think it’s all about ideas, about “what you believe,” and we fail to see that advanced technology and the freedom and autonomy it has brought to much of the world has dramatically changed the way people todayContinue reading “Kansans in Oz”

Ron Rolheiser: A Jewish folk tale

A Jewish folk tale talks of a young man who aspired to great holiness. After some time at working to achieve it, he went to see his rabbi. “Rabbi,” he announced, “I think I have achieved sanctity.” “Why do you think that?” asked the rabbi. “Well,” responded the young man, “I’ve been practicing virtue andContinue reading “Ron Rolheiser: A Jewish folk tale”

What did Jesus mean? — “Salt of the Earth”

In a post at First Things, called “Salt of the Earth” Peter Leithart challenges Christians to consider the negative metaphorical implications of Jesus’ saying. Was Jesus, in fact, pronouncing judgment on a sinful world through saying, “You are the salt of the earth” (Matthew 5:13)? First of all, he notes what many have observed: that JesusContinue reading “What did Jesus mean? — “Salt of the Earth””

Another Look: Ballyard Religion

Note from CM: This was written about a month after Michael Spencer died in 2010. I was coaching my grandson’s T-ball team at the time and remembering Michael’s love for baseball when I wrote it. It touches on a theme that was also a common concern for Michael and me: the dearth of understanding inContinue reading “Another Look: Ballyard Religion”

A Foggy Day on the Water

Fog is one of the metaphors we have used for the wilderness journey. You can’t see your way clear. The landscape around you is vague and undefined. You are locked in to seeing a limited locale and you have to make your way carefully lest you run into something your eyes could not anticipate. OurContinue reading “A Foggy Day on the Water”

iMonk Classic: The Coffeehouse

Originally posted in July 2006 Skip Towne opened the door to his office and sat down to check his voice mail. Skip had been youth minister at Central Baptist Church for four years. As associate minister for youth at a large, traditional Baptist church, his life was always busy. Three services on Sunday, visitation onContinue reading “iMonk Classic: The Coffeehouse”