Best of Michael Spencer: Death – The Road that Must Be Traveled

Note from CM: Michael died on this day six years ago. O Lord, the God of mercies,  grant unto the souls of Thy servants, the anniversary day of whose death we are keeping,  a place of solace,  of peaceful rest,  of glorious light. Through Christ our Lord, Amen. • • • Death: The Road that Must Be Traveled  For this boy,Continue reading “Best of Michael Spencer: Death – The Road that Must Be Traveled”

Random Thoughts: Monday in the American Circus

The “evangelical circus” that Michael Spencer wrote about is but one facet of the “American circus.” I don’t think any of these individual stories is worth an entire post, but together, they shine a light on some of the silliness that is shining forth here in the good ol’ USA and among Americans who professContinue reading “Random Thoughts: Monday in the American Circus”

Just in case you’re wondering . . . the Bible

Oh, how I love your law! It is my meditation all day long. • Psalm 119:97, NRSV • • • Just in case you were wondering, I love the Bible. I learned this from my life in evangelicalism. One key characteristic of evangelical Christianity is its commitment to the Bible as God’s Word. The evangelicalContinue reading “Just in case you’re wondering . . . the Bible”

Saturday Ramblings, April 11, 2015

Human head transplants, Polar-bear-sized aliens, and the sex lives of grilled cheese eaters: welcome to the weekend!  Let’s ramble! And let’s break out the rag-top, baby, it’s spring!Well, that’s a relief: The life-sized replica of Noah’s Ark is still alive. “Despite all the naysayers, and the enormous amount of false information certain people and organizations haveContinue reading “Saturday Ramblings, April 11, 2015”

iMonk Classic: Death: The Road that Must Be Traveled

  Note from CM: This week, as we commemorate Michael Spencer’s passing five years ago, we thank God for the hope of eternal life and hear this reminder from Michael: “…the Christian does not see death as the triumph of death, but as the giving way of death to life. In the final moments, thisContinue reading “iMonk Classic: Death: The Road that Must Be Traveled”

iMonk Classic: Jesus — The Glory of the Christian Journey

Classic iMonk Post by Michael Spencer From May 4, 2009 I can’t speak for anyone else, just for me. When I became a Christian in 1974, I was immediately taught to define myself three ways. First, did I believe that I was a sinner and that Jesus died for my sins so I could goContinue reading “iMonk Classic: Jesus — The Glory of the Christian Journey”