2008 Predictions

327994546_a64d0a3605.jpgHow about some 2008 Predictions?

1. Barak Obama will defeat Mitt Romney for President and evangelicals who refused to vote for Romney will be blamed. The GOP’s conservative coalition will fragment significantly as a result. Democrats will accuse anyone who refuses to vote for Obama of being some kind of racist. Frightening racial incidents related to the campaign will raise fears of assassination.

2. President Bush will put forward an accelerated plan for removal of U.S. combat troops in Iraq and an expensive plan for financially supporting the Iraqi government and military. Fragmentation of Iraq into two sections will be inevitable.

3. Gas will head toward $4 a gallon by summer and eventually beyond.

4. A major terrorist plot somewhere in the west will fail.

5. Hillary Clinton will begin divorce proceedings against Bill.

6. A major Bush administration scandal will be prosecuted in the last months of the President’s term and continue after he leaves office.

7. The Patriots will lose the Super Bowl.

8. Schism in the Anglican Communion will proceed at increasing speed.

9. The Dow Jones will surpass 15,000.

10. Atheism will take on a higher profile than ever before in American life, with many more direct attacks on conservative Christianity in print and in the public square. A rising tide of vocal atheist young people will begin to gain attention in the media.

11. I’ll buy something expensive from Apple about the time of my sabbatical.

12. Someone in my family will be teaching German and English at our school this year. More big family news is likely.

Have some of your own?

28 thoughts on “2008 Predictions

  1. Labron James will wear an Indians hat during this years play off’s and world series games.
    Last year was a bad move Labron. You are not bigger than the Indians. Don’t care what you say


  2. Lonelypilgrim:

    “Pinella takes the Cubs to the World Series, the 100th anniversary of their last World Championship, but loses to the Cleveland Indians in Game 7 at Wrigley.”

    From your lips to God’s ear! Please.

    Suffering (but not so much lately) Cleveland Indians fan!


  3. 1. God’s will will be done on earth as it is in heaven in many places in the World where and as God’s people pray.
    2. More laborers will get involved in the adventure of world missions.
    3. Some missionaries will give up and go home discouraged. (The reasons to go “home” outweigh the reasons they went in the first place, or the cost was to be paid will be deemed too great)
    4. We will see a revival in America. (Is this asking too much?)
    5. We will hear about continued revivals in other countries.


  4. Ohio State will “pummel” LSU in the BCS Title game; vindicating Big Ten Football as a whole…. that’s the only thing I care about for 2008…

    Aaron Harang wins Cy Young as Reds win the NL Central…?


  5. 1. John Edwards will be the Democratic nomination after Democrats tire of Hillary and Obama. He will go on to win the election and be the next president. Hillary or Obama will be VP.

    2. Huckabee and Romney will not win nomination. The Ron Paul phenomenon will go nowhere.

    3. A recession will hit American and the US unemployment rate will rise above 7%. Dow Jones will go nowhere (neither up nor down)

    4. Price of oil will get over $120 per barrel (US Dollars, West Texas Intermediate)

    5. Nothing much of significance will occur in Iraq – US Soldiers will still get killed, terrorist bombings will continue, the Iraqi government will continue to fail, same old same old.


  6. The Tigers will pummel OSU for the BCS title, and people will still not realize that some conferences really are just stronger than others.

    Indiana Jones 4 will be an OK film, with George Lucas’s craziness offset by Spielberg’s genius and Harrison Ford.

    I will be displeased with the results of the Presidential election, and I will have been thoroughly tired of hearing about the candidates by March.


  7. For some reason everything I typed last time didn’t show up, so let me retry so it will make more sense.

    Here is what I meant to have typed.

    –The World will end.–

    So you’re saying that the Cubs WILL WIN the World Series.


  8. Michael,

    My use of the word “reformation” was too strong (an attempt to say something positive after some of my negative predictions). Evangelicalism is about “movements,” and there will always be movements in different directions. I predict that a liberal movement will be strengthened in 2008-2009, but a movement based more in historical orthodoxy will start to gain ground in 2010.

    Why? Less political influence will lead to less emphasis on political Christian leaders. This, coupled by scandal, will slowly shift the focus from enigmatic leaders as sources of truth, to the Bible, history, and tradition. These leaders are the glue that holds many congregations together. People are going to have to find something else to center their Christianity on.

    Also, as a young generation of atheists becomes more confrontational, Christians will either have to go the Mormon route: “I feel it’s true, therefore it’s true;” or get to know the historical foundations of their faith. As more Christians become educated, demand for historical orthodoxy will increase.

    A Christian has a public role (which includes activism), but lately it seems that parts of Christianity are clouded by politics. If overdone, politics can keep us looking outward, instead of inward and on our need for a savior. In other words, less politics will lead to more introspection. This will lead to questions like, “why do I believe,” which is the foundation of reform.

    But then again, I’m just making predictions. I could be (and usually am) completely wrong. Most of all, I really hope Hillary doen’t get the D nomination.


  9. 1. Man U will win the Premier League on the last competitive day
    2. Juande Ramos(Tottenham Hotspurs)will buy David Villa in January
    3. National party in NZ will consolidate their lead in the polls and og on to win the general election
    4. The Hammersmith and City, District and Circle Lines will continue to be unreliable
    5. Most climate change deniers will continue to use the term “global warming” and incorrectly assume that local cooling variations proove that climate chnage is not happening
    6. 2 athletes will retire from the olympics due to respiratiry problems associated with air pollution
    7. Muthia Muralitharan will retire from international cricket


  10. 1. Cleveland, inspite of having a second good sports year in a row, will still not get any respect. (Not even from Clevelanders.)

    2. Christians will continue to suffer for their beliefs, both inside and outside the US. It will not make MSM notice.


  11. As one much shorter than all of the above, and therefore, able to get an ear closer to the ground, this is what I hear:
    Both conventions will be stalemated, first the Demo’s will choose Gore as the compromise canidate: then the Repub’s will choose Jeb, which was the plan all along until his brother really messed up everything…..As for the ultimate winner, watch out for the Green party candidate…


  12. 1)TBN will continue to produce end time movies that star the likes of MR. T and Corben Bernsen. Emmanuel Lewis will get a supporting role.
    2)Mormonism will continue to be exposed for the fraudulent religion that it is. Hopefully more and more Latter Day Saints will become disillusioned and come to faith in Christ.
    3)Atheism will continue to gain a stronger foothold in academic circles yet so will the theory of intelligent design (in different academic disciplines).
    4)Dave Ramsey will continue to grow in popularity and an increasing number of people will get out of debt due to his guidance.


  13. 1. Hillary will beat Romney in an election that is the most expensive ever, but has low voter turnout.

    2. Attempting to please everyone, and carefully polling the issue, Hillary commits to an Iraq strategy that pleases no one. In 2009, she keeps us deeply involved, but refuses to commit enough resources to accomplish anything. General Petraeus protests behind the scenes, and is replaced in the early spring of 2009.

    3. Christian movements based more on inclusiveness, and less on “moral issues” and “doctrine” continue to increase in popularity. A national poll will find that most people who identify themselves as Christians can’t agree on basic Christian doctrine. The media uses the poll to show that truth is relative and that Christianity is whatever you want it to be.

    4. Seeing cracks in the Christian flank of the Republican Party, fiscal conservatives start voting for more liberal social policy. The republican members of congress start leaning Libertarian, as shown by a Bush defying vote at the end of 2008.

    5. Rebelling against in authenticity in politics and certain Christian leaders, Evangelical’s start to reevaluate the role of a Christian. This begins a period of self reflection that will lead to a renewed interest in historical orthodoxy in 2009, and the start of a slow moving evangelical reformation in 2010.


  14. 1. China will dominate the summer Olympics. USA will be a distant second in gold and total medals.

    2, Divisions in the Southern Baptist Convention will continue to worsen, and the 2009 Lottie Moon offering will be less than 2008.


  15. 1)Kansas will lose by 20 to Virginia Tech in the Orange Bowl.
    2)Darren McFadden will run for 200 yards but Arkansas will still lose to Missouri by 2 touchdowns in the Cotton Bowl.
    3)Joel Osteen will say the word “sin.” Never mind, I take that back.
    4)”Prince Caspian” will be as good as the first Narnia movie.


  16. 1. Oil companies will use a flimsy excuse to raise fuel prices.
    2. Christians in opposing theological camps will not come a mutual agreement.
    3. We shall prosper and have good health in our best year ever.
    4. The Pats will win everything.
    5. The political candidates endlessly hyped will not win and no one will wonder why we listened so long.
    6. Another high profile Christian leader will fall from grace.
    7. Politicians will continue to support a policy that has already failed miserably and will introduce new and worse policies.
    8. The Rapture will not take place on the date as predicted.
    9. Churches will experience growth so much that christians will outnumber the total population.
    10. Many American will not lose the weight they had hoped.
    11. Michael and the readers will have a happy new year.



  17. 1. Ron Paul will finish in the top 3 in either Iowa or New Hampshire, but will not be the GOP nominee.

    2. John McCain will win the GOP nomination and will defeat Obama in November.

    3. Not only will New England not win the Super Bowl, they won’t be there as either Jacksonville or Indianapolis will beat them in the AFC playoffs.

    4. Osama and Fidel will both still be alive at the end of the year.

    5. The United States will dominate the Summer Olympics in China.

    6. O.J. will not go to prison.

    7. No peace deal between Israel and the Palestinians in 2008, that’s an easy one to predict.

    8. Tiger Woods takes 2 out of 4 majors.

    9. Pinella takes the Cubs to the World Series, the 100th anniversary of their last World Championship, but loses to the Cleveland Indians in Game 7 at Wrigley.

    10. Game 7 is at Wrigley because the NL finally defeats the AL in the All Star game.

    11. I will not convert to the RCC or the EO churches. Nor will I become a Lutheran or Anglican. I will not be a TR Baptist or a KJV Only Fundamentalist either. I will continue to be what I am now, which is mostly a mixed up semi-Wesleyan Anabaptist.

    12. And finally, I will overcome my shyness in dealing with the opposite gender and ask a girl out and she will actually say yes.


  18. 1. Rudy Giuliani will defeat Hillary, despite many evangelicals sitting out the election…thereby rendering them irrelevant as part of the conservative coalition for this and many presidential elections to come, saving both the Republican Party from moralistic statists, and American Christianity from political hacks.

    2. Yes, a major terrorist plot somewhere in the west will fail, but most Americans will not notice, being more absorbed by developments on “American Idol.”

    2. An asterick will be placed upon the entire Bud Selig Era of major league baseball.


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