Internet Monk Radio Podcast #164

podcast_logo.gifThis week: Ecumenism on the streets. Praising the Book of Common Prayer

I’m concerned for my friend who is fighting for his life against Leukemia. Apologies for being a bit off my best game today. Real life and all that.

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Book of Common Prayer

9 thoughts on “Internet Monk Radio Podcast #164

  1. Michael, I remember you also reccomended the Treasury of Daily Prayer. How do you think they compare? Is one easier or better to use on average than the other?


  2. My 1979 edition of TEC’s BCP has been a major help to my devotional life. The short daily office devotions, the catechism, the lectionary… all of it. And I know I’m just barely scratching the surface as to what’s there. One of the things I discovered a couple weeks ago is that it seems that no matter what size or specific edition (mine’s the BCP & Hymnal together), the page numbering is the same throughout the 1979 BCPs. That’s really neat and a point of inter-parish unity, I think.

    One of the things I really admire about Anglicanism is that the main point of unity is the prayer book. Common prayer is the common theology, practice, heritage, etc. Of course, as we’re seeing here in the States, sometimes common prayer isn’t enough to keep unity. But that’s an issue for another day.


  3. Wishing you all God’s peace in this trying time of losing a colleague and friend.

    My mother died of leukemia (acute lymphocytic) when she was 44 years old and I was 19 years old. She was also active and ate all her fruits and vegetables and was a fine Christian woman. When she came to dying, I remember, however, how hard it became to still trust the Gospel. “I did not do this.” ” I always wanted to do this and that good… ”

    We have never done enough, even I-monk with his vast audience (and he’d be the last to point to that himself, but we might), and no the “saints” also do no have excess merit… But Jesus has done enough. He really has.


  4. As someone who’s trying to figure out this common prayer stuff and have been using the Missio Dei Breviary, what is out there for young kids, I see the value in common prayer, and would like to teach/show kids this, but struggle with the length and language of the material that’s available for adults.


  5. I have been using Lancelot Andrews Penses Private as my daily prayer guidelines. I have learned more from following his example than I did in 30 years of trying to pray extemporarily.


  6. Hi all,

    If you want to have a daily prayer time but you find the BCP difficult to use, I would recommend a prayer book called Celebrating Daily Prayer (or the older version, Celebrating Common Prayer). It is an abbreviated prayer book based off the Church of England’s official prayer book, Common Worship. The great thing about it is that it has all the materials you will need for daily prayer, i.e., scripture readings, psalms, collects, etc…, in one book.


  7. Michael,
    I started using the BCP about 6 months ago and I confess that I am still not comfortable with how to use it to it’s fullest. It’s good stuff for sure, I just wish i were not having such a challenge learning to utilize it.


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