First Place? You Bet…

Update: I just found out that I will have advance copies of Michael Spencer’s Mere Churchianity to give to each one who attends this fun event. You will get a free book two days before its official release date. How cool is that? Be sure to email me by June 1 if you are planning on being with us on June 13 in Cincinnati!

Let’s say it together, shall we?

The first place Cincinnati Reds.

Let it sink in a bit. Then say it again.

The first place Cincinnati Reds.

Kind of has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it? (For you Cubs fans, I will have to explain the concept of “first place” at another time.)

There is still time to sign up for our first annual Day at the Reds on Sunday, June 13. Yours truly, Chaplain Mike and First Lady Denise Spencer will all be there, as well as Ryan and Noel Cordle and (hopefully) some of our other writers. You will also get to meet face-to-face those who have made comments that amaze and astound, and maybe even anger, you.

We start the day in worship at the Oaks church in Middletown. Then it’s baseball as the Reds take on the Kansas City Royals at Great American Ballpark. We wrap up the day at Montgomery Inn Boathouse, serving the best ribs anywhere. (Yes, you can have something other than ribs, but why would you?) The cost for the day is just $99!

I need to know if you are coming by June 1. Please email me to let me know that you are coming and how many will be in your party. I will be getting back to all who have emailed so far by next week. Let’s make this a fun day by showing up en masse to cheer on the Reds and bless one another.

Say it with me one more time.

First place Cincinnati Reds.

Yep, that sounds real good.

12 thoughts on “First Place? You Bet…

  1. wow, only if bar-b-que is my treat,… I work just minutes from Bryants, that would be too cool; keep me posted. ALL, and I mean ALL the radio guys seem very happy with Yost, but then again, we’ve been winning lately, and winning has a way of making folks happy.

    thanks again for all you do for the IMONK community
    Greg R


  2. Greg, I met with a client of mine today who is best friends with Ned Yost. He promised me tickets to any KC game I want to come watch. So…let me check the schedule and see when I can get up there. Arthur Bryant’s before the game?


  3. I grew up in Ohio but have always been a Boston Bruins fan. How in the world did the Bears, up three games to none, lose that series to your Flyers? Sigh. I am so glad it is baseball season.

    Then the Reds go and lose a game today when they were up by six in the ninth. SIGH…when does college football start?


  4. Congratulations Cincinnati Reds; first place IS a wonderful thing!
    I’m from Philly, and like you, we also know how it feels to be in first place. In addition, we know what going to the World Series is like…we even know how it feels to actually win the Word Series and be World Champions. We also have a pretty good hockey team called the Flyers. Say Jeff, does anyone in Ohio play ice hockey?

    P.S. I enjoy reading the internetmonk and thank you for spreading the gospel along with a healthy dose of intelligence.


  5. Too bad a transatlantic ticket just to watch a baseball game is not something I can sell to my wife ๐Ÿ˜ฆ (not to mention my budget).

    So I will have to wait till my copy of the book gets here from Amazon. Will there be an e-book edition of it?

    Hope you all have a good time. I’d love to meet everyone but such is life.


  6. “Let it sink in a bit. Then say it again. The first place Cincinnati Reds.”

    The bible warns about forsaking sound doctrine to have one’s ears tickled. ๐Ÿ™‚ Go Giants!


  7. My two favorite teams are the Cubbies and whomever the Yankees are playing. I may have to ditch one of them.


  8. Hey Cubs fans, do you have some really good resouces for the need to suffer in order to be in the will of God ?? I’m stocking up ;my library…..

    PS: forget what I said about Grinke…….we cant’ get him more than 2 runs most of the time, it won’t matter who is wearing blue on the diamond.

    Royally blue in KC
    Greg R


  9. You picked a day when they are playing the Royals? Good thinking, as this significantly enhances their chances of winning.


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