The Store Is Open

You will notice a new ad on our home page. If you didn’t notice it, please take time to notice it now.

There. Nice, isn’t it?

We are happy to announce the opening of iMonkPublishing, a new part of the Internet Monk community. This is a place where you can buy books that we recommend or refer to in our essays. Or that commenters refer to. Or that we think you might like. Or books we think you should like if you really knew what was good for you.

We also are listing the books published by Electric Moon Publishing, the outfit that runs Internet Monk now. Most of these are fiction titles, and most are available only as eBooks, readable on the Amazon Kindle, iPod, iPad, iPhone, and other electronic devices that start with a lower case “i” and capital “P.” (For instance, check out Marshal Myers. Marshal is a 20 year old with cerebral palsy who speaks his books into existence with the assistance of a special software program. They are challenging fantasy books that take you into lands found only in Marshal’s fertile imagination. Great fun reading!)

And not just books. We will be reviewing and listing music and movies recommended by the iMonks. This is a great way for you to learn about some new tunes and new movies that are fun, encouraging and–dare I say it?–uplifting.

When you buy these and other books through iMonkPublishing, you are helping to fund the Internet Monk community. And, no, you do not pay more going through us than you would going directly to Amazon. It is always the same price.

What are you waiting for? There are books to be purchased and read. So many books, so little time. We have brought the bookstore to your laptop. The rest is up to you…

15 thoughts on “The Store Is Open

  1. What a great idea! Wonderful site to send friends and family for upcoming birthdays and other gift-giving ideas.

    Either that, or else that site and the recommended books will become like crack to me, and I’ll consume all those books and be jones-ing for more.

    And I third Celebration of Discipline. Also that book reviewed quite some time ago here (by Noel Cordle, I think) called “Living the Lord’s Prayer”. That was an amazing read for my small group.


  2. “This is a place where you can buy books that we recommend or refer to in our essays. “This one will end up on my Facebook wall!


  3. The problem with Kindle is that it uses a proprietary format. I prefer the EPUB files because I have the B&N Nook reader. I am a big fan of digital books however.


  4. After perusing the book site, I am estatic. My bookshelves are groaning in anticipation of new books! Thank you for creating that site! ~ L


  5. I second JoanieD – Foster’s “Celebration of Discipline” is a yearly read for me. I find it a excellent spiritual “swift kick in the butt”. ~ L


  6. I wish you all the best with this new venture. One question, though. What about potential customers not living in Canada/ US? It doesn’t make economic sense for us to be purchasing from because of the large delivery charges involved. Perhaps a link to Or maybe a partnership with a company like The Book Depository ( would be more beneficial. I have found that they are normally as competitive as Amazon in terms of book prices and because they offer free delivery worldwide they are cheaper over all.


  7. You know I really am quite spoiled about the kindle and it’s very difficult for me to even consider reading a book that I can’t read on the kindle.

    Just wanted throw that into the mix.



  8. Jeff, I would strongly recommend Robert Farrar Capon’s book on parables.

    Kingdom, Grace, Judgment: Paradox, Outrage and Vindication in the Parables of Jesus

    This is three earlier books in one convenient volume.


  9. I today received Mere Churchianity which I got through Books-a-Million and have read about half way through already. I learned of this book and the iMonk through the podcast of Steve Brown Etc. I only wish I had learned of all this much sooner.


  10. Well, I already bought this book through Amazon, Celebration of Discipline by Richard Foster, but you may want to add it to your list as I think it is a book that can be very helpful to many people. I still have a lot of it left to read, but I can see why it gets such rave reviews. Ragamuffin Gospel by Brennan Manning would be another good book to add.

    Good luck with this new venture!


  11. It looks great, Jeff! I went in and looked around. If there is a book we know we want to get from Amazon but you don’t have it on your list of books yet, can we let you know so that you can add it and then we can click over to Amazon through your website, thereby contributing some bit of money to the continuance of this website?


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