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Chaplain Mike’s recent post on the Disney-ization of faith has created quite a firestorm of responses. We welcome (most) all voices here at the iMonastery, and are glad we can be a home for the discussion, both measured and impassioned.

I want to point out that Chaplain Mike and our other writers write as individuals. They do not have to clear their topics or specific essays with me beforehand. I trust each as men and women with hearts that long after our living God. That said, I wanted you to know I wholeheartedly endorse all that Chaplain Mike writes in his essay. The dumbing-down of the faith in our culture has now gone to the “idiocy” stage.  Our best response is to laugh at these people. If you think that is a cruel response, I would say that reducing inspired Scripture to the level of a theme park is hideously cruel to those whose faith is at stake.

Now, enjoy your time here at the Internet Monk. You never know what we might skewer next…

13 thoughts on “From The Publisher

  1. Yes, prophetic ridicule in the sense of bringing something into clearer focus after all the silly smoke-and-mirrors uber-religiosity veil is pulled back ala The Wizard of Oz. Ken Ham has disregarded the gospel by his over emphasis of Genesis & the creation narrative. By this he has proven himself an enemy of the gospel & is in fact preaching another. He has set himself up as the new door/gate which all Christians must enter in order to guarantee God’s approval. He is in error with dubious theological credentials & a doctrinal stance intended to cause division just as Paul warned us about. He has been elevated to some celebrity status in certain Evangelical/Protestant circles. Our local Calvary Chapel hosted his organization’s propaganda circus & gave it the pulpit/platform approval as its unspoken creation viewpoint. No other opinions welcome or encouraged. It is mind control in its most insidious religious form. It is not harmless or simply irritating. It is ‘trash’ plain & simple bringing discredit to the Christian reputation as if the other crazies out there haven’t done their fair share of damage. Names? I can name some simply because I am posting here: Benny Hinn (kook); John Crowder (crazy kook); Todd Bentley (charlatan); Rick Joyner (gobbledy-kook); any of the uber prophetic-rhetoric camp (crazies); sheesh…the list seems long & tedious today. No one willing to stand up in the midst of such excess/abuse & scream, “STOP THE MADNESS!” Fortunately there is a voice such as this site that does speak up without becoming sensational in its own right. Thank you Jesus. Such sanity in the midst of what appears to be a growing deception the breath of fresh air to this weary saint. Keep up the necessary work.


  2. I think Jesus was so rooted in truth that he most likely just laughed when people got all worked up at the “blasphemous” things he was saying…. kind of like how some people got worked up about the Disney thing. C’mon, seriously!?! A biblical theme park will cause brothers and sisters to devour one another!? Let’s all take a step back and re-focus. In it, but not of it…. pilgrims. Always pilgrims.


  3. I completely agree with Mike’s post on Christian Disney Land and think we need more, not less, concerned Christians calling out these sorts of ridiculous endeavors.


  4. Hey, Joanie, I was thinking of you this weekend. I was in your town because my wife and I dropped off one of our daughters who works in the hospital a few times each month. We were on the way back from another daughtet’s art show in Massachusetts and (almost) avoided the snowstorm. 35 mph most of the way back to the coast yesterday morning, but reasonably safe traveling. Studded snow tires are the only way to go.

    And yeah, I’d buy Mike’s book.


  5. Ted, with all the writing that Chaplain Mike has done here, he surely has enough now to put it all in book form if wants to. Chaplain Mike…I will buy that book! Hey, we encouraged Michael Spencer to write a book and we are very happy that he did.


  6. I don’t ever want you guys to back away from writing the truth and writing from your hearts. This blog is a vital lifeline — I would imagine — to thousands of people who are wandering in the post-evangelical wilderness. If there are readers who cannot understand that many of us are deeply discontented with the predominant Disney-style evangelical Christianity that seems to rule our corner of American culture — discontented with TBN, Joel Osteen, Precious Moments, and theme parks like Ken Hamm’s and the Jesus-Land in Orlando — then this may not be a blog they care to read, and perhaps they should move on. Better, though, that they should read further, check out the archives, and talk to people around them. Thousands of fine Christians don’t go to any church at all, never watch Christian TV, and seek alternative worship experiences (like emergent churches or home churches). We spend our time reading Chambers and Bonhoeffer rather than watching Beth Moore or Benny Hinn. We’d love to tell you why.


  7. I go away for the weekend and all hell breaks loose. Took me hours to catch up.

    Jeff, do you have a date for Chaplain Mike’s book publishing? Not to start any rumors…


  8. Thanks, Ray…I think. At first I thought you were saying something about illegitimate soda pop. But then I realized what this means, and I won’t let them grind me down…


  9. That was the best “disclaimer” I have ever read in my life! May your tribe continue to increase, and illegitimus non carborundum! 😀


  10. Dare I ask why you felt you had to put up this “From the Publisher” note?

    What sort of complaints have you been getting?!?!


  11. I liked Chaplain Mike’s response to Wanda…

    This is not satire. This is prophetic ridicule. This is anger at what some people are doing in the name of Jesus. This is serious. It is not “mean” in the sense that I am bullying someone or calling them names. I hope it is analytically sound while at the same time expressing utter disapproval of what someone is doing. It is criticism, plain and simple. Ken Ham as a brother does not deserve to be “trashed.” This project does.


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