Monday Morning Thoughts

The Way to Calvary, Duccio

Beloved, let us love.

Lord, what is love?

Love is that which inspired My life, and led Me to My cross, and held Me on My cross. Love is that which will make it thy joy to lay down thy life for thy brethren.

Lord, evermore give me this love.

– Amy Carmichael, If

* * *

Peter knows and confesses that Jesus is the Messiah.

He’s right, but Peter does not know what “Messiah” means.

He thinks he does. But before you know it, he’s scolding Jesus, contradicting him, correcting him.

Nowhere in his imagination can he fathom that “Messiah” means “Cross.”

In attempting to protect God, Peter opposes God. His thoughts seem right, but they are not God’s thoughts.

Get behind me, Satan.

Jesus calls his disciples and the crowd to him. Most of these are people who have said and are saying this day that they want to follow him. They believe in him. They trust him. They are committed to him. They love him.

They are right. Jesus is worthy of following, but they do not know what “follow Jesus” means.

They think they do. But before you know it, they are scratching their heads. Some are walking away, shaking their heads. These followers cannot get into their heads what Jesus is saying — “Follow” means “Cross.”

I wake up. It is Monday morning. I’m ready to go. I have my plans, my agenda. It’s laid out before me. I have work to do, things to accomplish, a mark to make in this world. Great things for God!

Good stuff. I have faith; I want to live for Jesus.

Only time will tell if I’m prepared to love, that is, to die and rise again.

Again, and again, and again.

– see Mark 8:27-39

5 thoughts on “Monday Morning Thoughts

  1. Very long ago (I was thin, my husband had hair….) we were in a discussion with a peer who was a strong and vocal atheist, but he found Christianity to be the strangest religion of all. As I recall, he seemed to think that other relgions explained the human condition or offered promises, but Christians were supposed to follow a real loser who got killed off??

    I clearly remember him asking us “So, if this had happened in another time or place and you Jesus had been hung by the neck, would you guys be running around wearing a little gold or silver noose as a necklace instead of that cross?”.

    DH and I looked at each other for a second, and then both said….”Yes, I guess we would!”


  2. Amy Carmichael’s little book “IF” shows me how far from the cross, from the death of self I really am. Thank you Jesus that you died for me and that I am forgiven in spite of myself. Just when I think I know You I read something like IF and stand in awe of You.


  3. When all I am is stripped away when all my inhibitions are torn asunder when nothing else matters, and I think in my heart ‘I love you’; then and maybe only then I know there is a God, and God is love and I am one with the One. I want to cling to that moment because to soon the world comes crashing in and I am lost in the ocean swell of life.


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