Summer Sounds from CM: Dave

Photo by Matthew Lamb

Summer would not be summer for my kids without one word: Dave. Oh yeah, and I love Dave and his band too.

Dave Matthews Band concerts are an annual rite of summer for them and for many around the country, as throngs turn out to hear amazing live music. DMB is a group that defies easy categorization, mixing rock, folk, and jazz into a jam-band stew that must be tasted in person to fully appreciate. They play long and loud; these are marathon events that attract some of the most loyal fans in the world, many of whom camp out for the weekend and attend as many shows as DMB might play at the venue.

The following video of “Two Step” is from several years ago: a 2007 concert at Piedmont Park. I chose it because it exemplifies their jams well, and it makes a pretty strong case for me when I say that the best drummer in the world today is DMB’s Carter Beauford.


5 thoughts on “Summer Sounds from CM: Dave

  1. For you musicians out there: Dave has a footswitch that allows him to temporarily mute his vocal from the main speakers, but still speak straight into the in-ear monitors of everyone onstage. That way, he can lead the songs / jams in a different direction at the spur of the moment and bring the band along with him, without distracting everyone else along the way.
    I can think of a few Sunday morning worship service setups where that would’ve been a nice feature.


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