Advent Pic and Cantata of the Week

Advent Sycamore


Bach Cantata BWV 36, “Soar in your joy”

Auch mit gedämpften, schwachen Stimmen
Wird Gottes Majestät verehrt.
Denn schallet nur der Geist darbei,
So ist ihm solches ein Geschrei,
Das er im Himmel selber hört.

Even with subdued, weak voices
Gods majesty is honoured.
for if only the spirit resounds,
there is such a cry to him
that he himself hears it in heaven.

Cantata texts by Martin Luther, Philipp Nicolai,
and Christian Friedrich Henrici (Picander)

• • •

Here is the incomparable Kathleen Battle singing this beautiful aria.

3 thoughts on “Advent Pic and Cantata of the Week

  1. November rains don’t last forever. Hope rises even as the days shorten,
    Reminding of a just in time in the story of man
    May the feeble cry of thanks in a wrecked life be heard by our lover
    May soon the cry of song be released as needed by so many lips
    Forgive us foremost the chief of sinners not worthy and have mercy on us all
    Light eternal lead us on our path home. Shine in this wilderness


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