Epiphany III: Pic & Cantata of the Week

Maine Coast 2014

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Bach Cantata BWV 72, “Everything according to God’s Will”

This is one of four Bach cantatas we have for the third Sunday after Epiphany. It emphasizes the believer’s effort to accept that God’s will is ultimately good, no matter how many dark passages it involves navigating.

The alto aria from this cantata that we present today is an earnest, delightful expression of childlike trust and commitment to follow Jesus, even through “the ways of thorns and roses.”

Mit allem, was ich hab und bin,
Will ich mich Jesu lassen,
Kann gleich mein schwacher Geist und Sinn
Des Höchsten Rat nicht fassen;
Er führe mich nur immer hin
Auf Dorn- und Rosenstraßen!With all that I have and am

I want to abandon myself to Jesus.
Although my weak spirit and mind cannot
grasp the counsel of the Highest,
may he always lead me along
the ways of thorns and roses!

Cantata text by Franck, von Brandenburg

3 thoughts on “Epiphany III: Pic & Cantata of the Week

  1. Just reading yesterday’s blog and comments was exhausting. Why don’t all of you take the day off and let me have the place to myself today. I’m going to chill and listen to the cantata.


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