Brueggemann: Jesus Is Enough

In the midst of our quest for orthodoxy to be sure people believe right, or our quest for morality to be sure people act right, or our quest for piety to be sure people pray right, the little ones know, this Jesus is enough. It is enough to know Jesus, for in Jesus you see the way God is and the way God acts. It boils down, for this Jesus, to neighbor acts and caring. For that is what Jesus did. It boils down to receiving our life from God as a gift and living it out in gratitude. If you focus on this Jesus, you will know the mystery of how life works. It will be disclosed to you, and you will have enough to live well and free and responsibly. Thus the first conversation of Jesus, the one with God, is a statement about the right rootage of faith, which cuts through all our complexity. To be with God means to stay very close to the simple, caring, demanding ways of Jesus.

• Walter Brueggemann, A Gospel of Hope (p. 50)

10 thoughts on “Brueggemann: Jesus Is Enough

  1. Hello Rick Ro.

    I think you need a little more ‘context’ for your Bruggemmann quote, this:

    ” If you focus on this Jesus, you will know the mystery of how life works.
    It will be disclosed to you, and you will have enough to live well and free and responsibly.”

    I think there is something to this “disclosure” thing. And it may be more experiential than logical. An old saying:
    “if you can’t see that far down the road, go as far as you can. From there, you will be able to see further.”


  2. I love this. I still, selectively, want to know everything I can know. And somewhere in me I know that isn’t necessary. Beautiful paragraph.


  3. Thank you my IMonk friends.
    A good night’s sleep has put things in a better perspective.
    Bless you


  4. Sending hug. Susan, your reaching out allows us to pray for you on difficult days. The Jewish people say that it is a ‘kindness’ to allow others to be kind to you. I had a friend who knew I was going through difficult times and she wanted ‘letters’ and I told her that was difficult for me during all the stress; so she gave me a gift:
    she said ‘just take a piece of paper and splash some coffee on it to make a stain, and fold it up and send it on. I’ll understand completely. And so I did. 🙂 She got a piece of mail, and she knew I had thought about her and was communicating the best I could on that day.

    Good to have friends like that. They are very rare, I think.

    Reach out in any way you can, dear Susan. We are here.


  5. Susan, my heart reaches out to yours as you face difficult days and decisions. It’s so hard when the way is conflicted.

    I’ve been a reader here for a long time. Most of the posts and discussions are over my head, so I rarely feel I have anything to contribute, even though I’d like to. Posts like these are a restoring reminder that, as long as I cling to Jesus, I’ll be okay, no matter what mysteries are beyond my comprehension. I’m glad you stop by to comment sometimes, as I often wonder how you and your husband are doing.

    Sending hugs along with Patriciamc!


  6. –> “If you focus on this Jesus, you will know the mystery of how life works.”

    Not sure I can make THAT leap in logic…LOL. Maybe “less worried” about the mystery of how life works, but I’m not sure I’ll ever “know” the mystery.


  7. Hey Susan. Please know that we’re all here to support you with all that’s going on with your husband and anything else. Hugs for you!


  8. A difficult day for me.
    I hear and agree with St Augustine saying “Not yet”. I am not ready for so many life altering decisions.
    So many conflicts of mind and heart.
    The Centurion saying “I am not worthy you should enter under my roof, say the word and my soul shall be healed”.
    I repeat this every Eucharist.
    Today I feel very unworthy.

    I feel my expression of faith is ” simple, caring and very demanding”. I look to my Lord Jesus for support.

    This blog is full suppositions and superfluous debates.
    I see too many expressing their solid convictions about this and that.
    I am sure this what a blog is about, however the cross fire can be tedious. It is not enriching.

    I don’t comment much, just haiku. I read every post and comments.

    In reading Poets down the ages I have always found peaceful solitude and inner meaning to life.
    I sometimes think my haiku is all I am able to contribute in this medium.
    I am happy with that if rather diminished.

    May we all be blessed.


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