Snow Day (Picture Gallery)

Through the Kitchen Window on a Snowy Sunday Morning

Snow Day
January 2019

This has been a snowy weekend in Indiana, providing a nice pause in the rat race. Church services were cancelled this morning because the county roads are a bit treacherous. I’ve had the chance to get out and take a few pictures and thought I’d put them up for you today, internet willing. Click on each picture for a larger image.

16 thoughts on “Snow Day (Picture Gallery)

  1. Don’t forget to be outraged at the Dems on the beach in Puerto Rico getting some much needed fun in the sun.


  2. wondering why it is being mentioned that the Shutdown might continue through the month of February . . . . are there reasons we may not know?

    the comment from on-High ‘they’ll adjust’ is a bit like Marie Antoinette’s ‘let them eat cake’ in its ignorance in my opinion,
    but you have to admit, the Shutdown does get peoples’ minds off of the Mueller Report coming out supposedly as soon as February; so my own thought is that maybe the Shutdown is an ‘effective’ way to distract people from the ‘reveal’ that is coming

    I mean, when you are scrambling to pay with loans borrowed to replace that for which you worked honestly but is being held back, your mind is on personal survival in the midst of ‘The Chaos’ of our time. Unless of course, this back-fires and people are as mad as he!!


  3. Used to enjoy winter cold and snow much more when I was about forty years younger. Did a few bouts working outside in extreme cold simply because the bills had to be paid. Grateful to be in warmer climes.


  4. A nice amount of snow here in Your Nation’s Capital this weekend. Not sure how many churches will close in Mystery Babylon but I have it on good authority that a substantial portion of the local population is currently on its collective knees praying for deliverance. (Let him that readeth understand.)

    Still the snow makes even this place beautiful.


  5. I’m reminded of a snowy morning in Boston. A few minutes before the 9am service the (somewhat diminished) choir assembled with the clergy and acolytes. The Rector said something to the effect that, if it were up to him, people would get extra credit for coming to church on snow days. Everyone laughed politely.


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