17 thoughts on “Easter Sunday 2020

  1. Wonderful! Thank you for sharing CM. I was singing harmony along with you 😉 God bless your day Pastor!


  2. I wrote this poem about that moment some years ago:

    Who are you Looking for?
    John 20:10-16

    “Why are you weeping?” they ask her.
    How could she not?
    He was all she had lived for: he was betrayed
    He was nailed to a cross.
    She saw him die.
    When all his disciples forsook him and fled
    She stayed,
    Ready to do what ought to be done
    For the dead.

    But now she can not: they took him away.
    She cannot repay
    The debt that she owes him
    And they have no pity:
    She turns her head and sees …


    He asks the same question,
    But then he asks – Who
    Are you looking for?

    He is dead, the man that I knew.
    If you took him, then, please
    Let me know where he lies
    And I’ll go there too.

    For he might have been King, but he gave away
    His life for the poor and the blind and the stray.
    The hungry were fed and the captives set free –
    Forgiveness and freedom for people like me.
    But who has the courage to follow his way
    Now that he’s dead ?

    Then He smiled.
    “Mary,” He said.

    Jennifer Brien


  3. ……’while it was yet still dark;’, Mary Madeline saw not the gardener but our Risen Lord,
    This my very favouritre verse.
    Oh that we were there,.,Oh that we were there.
    I know thiis is from a Christmas melody but I wish I could have been there with Mary to see the empty tomb and hear Him call my name as Jesus called to Mary,


    To all a blessed Easter.


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