IM Recommended Viewing: Hamilton

IM Recommended Viewing: Hamilton

Legacy. What is a legacy?
It’s planting seeds in a garden you never get to see
I wrote some notes at the beginning of a song someone will sing for me
America, you great unfinished symphony, you sent for me
You let me make a difference
A place where even orphan immigrants
Can leave their fingerprints and rise up…

• from “The World Was Wide Enough”
Songwriters: Lin-Manuel Miranda/Khary Kimani Turner/Christopher E. Martin

• • •

Tonight, Disney+ will air a film version of the Broadway hit “Hamilton” in honor of Independence Day. A lot of people have been swept up in the Hamilton phenomenon over the past several years, but I myself have never had the chance to see it on stage. I think (hope) this will be a timely and encouraging performance for a country mired in discouragement, conflict, and chaos here in 2020.

HERE is more information about how to watch.

To whet your appetite, here is an excerpt from the 2016 Tony Awards, at which Hamilton garnered a remarkable 16 nominations in 13 categories, winning 11 awards.

And here is the official Disney+ trailer:

21 thoughts on “IM Recommended Viewing: Hamilton

  1. It’s a friggin musical. All the political correct people need not watch. When has everything come under such cynical context. Please keep taking your depression meds, smile and enjoy the show.


  2. “Neither Broadway nor Hollywood have ever been known for correcting historical inaccuracies surrounding the subjects of the entertainments they’ve created. Just the opposite.”

    Shakespeare, also, didn’t let literal history stand in the way of a good story.


  3. Neither Broadway nor Hollywood have ever been known for correcting historical inaccuracies surrounding the subjects of the entertainments they’ve created. Just the opposite. They’re business is glamorization and idealization to sell box office. That shouldn’t be history’s business, and the American people should be smart enough not confuse history with entertainment, but are they, have they ever been, will they ever be?


  4. I’ve seen a few cynics suggest that Hamilton should be ‘canceled’ because of Alexander Hamilton’s participation in the slave trade.


  5. I got Disney+ for 12.99 a month with Hulu. It also includes ESPN+. I’ll pay for a month then go back to my regular 5.99 for Hulu alone. Pretty cheap, I think.


  6. When Hamilton came to Boston, my wife and I agreed to stop eating out or ordering takeout for six months to offset the cost of the tickets. And it was worth it. 🙂


  7. I’ve heard several interviews with Miranda over the last couple of years. Some of the songs from “Hamilton” were included in the interviews. They were lyrically interesting, energetic, and I can easily understand why it would be a Broadway success, but the music just didn’t catch my ear. Also attended a production of his “In the Heights” at our good local theater, which didn’t engage me musically either.


  8. History via the new ‘sound’ of our own time. WHY NOT ?

    I remember the ‘old days’ when it was rumored that an Arkansas school teacher had written a song to make history more ‘fun’ (memorable) for his students and the subject was the War of 1812. For them what knows the song, the lyrics are memorable and the effort of that teacher paid off for many a student who struggled with names, dates, and facts of our history . . . here’s a ‘version’ of that old song:


  9. Don’t have Disney streaming and don’t want it. Again, a corporation with too much money. Couldn’t afford a “cheap” ticket at $100 in San Francisco when it was touring, either. Sorry to be a downer. If Disney wanted to do the country a favor, they would make it free for that one night only, then pay-per-view for a reasonable price after that..

    What I’ve heard of “Hamilton” is completely impressive, with brilliant lyrics. I get what the hip-hop genre is supposed to convey. Seems to have less actual musicality (melody + harmony in addition to rhythm) than I’m used to hearing. I’m a Philistine, I know.



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