My life these days (in song)

Three Musicians. Picasso

My life these days (in song)
(Warning: some strong language)

• • •

It’s the weight of the world
But it’s nothing at all
Light as a prayer, and then I feel myself fall
You got to give me a minute
Because I’m way down in it
And I can’t breathe so I can’t speak
I want to be strong and steady, always ready
Now, I feel so small, I feel so weak

I had a garden but my flowers died
There ain’t much living here inside
Lately, I don’t know what I’m holding on to
Wished I could run away to Couer d’Alene
Take nothing with me, not even my name
Because easy’s getting harder every day

Yes we all go through it together
But we all go at it alone

You rub your palm on the grimy pane
In the hope that you can see
You stand up proud, you pretend you’re strong
In the hope that you can be
Like the ones who’ve cried, like the ones who’ve died
Trying to set the angel in us free
While they’re waiting for a
While they’re waiting for a
While they’re waiting for a miracle

Lord won’t you tell us, tell us what does it mean
At the end of every hard earned day people find some reason to believe

Across the railroad tracks, down the gravel road
Headlights throw a beam on the way back home
Lie down, lie down,
Listen wide awake to the trains that roll
To the sound time makes

It passes through the air like a summer storm
Catching on my sleeve like a rose’s thorn
Sometimes it whispers, sometimes it roars
Flies like the wind, waits by the door
And I know you know and that’s all I need
When the light of day looks like night to me
When you’re far away and I’m all alone
I can’t explain, I know you know

20 thoughts on “My life these days (in song)

  1. –> “Big hug to you Stbndct.”

    Yes. A big hug from one depressed soul to another. Hang tough.


  2. Me too. Sad songs help us feel we’re not alone. Happy songs are just depressing. These songs are gems. Thank you Chaplain Mike.

    Big hug to you Stbndct.


  3. Same here. But aside from that, even bloggers need others to come alongside them in their struggles, and maybe those others can even be readers of their blog. That’s just part of being human, and being Christian.


  4. I find songs like this a bit cathartic when I’m depressed, and sometimes cheery songs only worsen the depression.


  5. But to every sailor comes time to drop anchor
    Haul in the sails and make the lines fast
    You deep water dreamer, your journey is over
    You’re safe in the harbour at last
    You’re safe in the harbour at last.

    –Eric Bogle, from “Safe in the Harbour,” a tribute to Stan Rogers

    And thanks for steering me to Karen Matheson!


  6. My life these days in music?
    this, for my dear husband who was buried at sea

    “‘On the tall, slender, new masts
    Lord, that is my darling there on top
    I can still see my love,
    Walking on deck under sail

    Blow softly, gently, oh North Wind’


  7. The mention of the Talking Heads the other day made me throw on their great album “Remain in Light.” Some great lyrics for these times.

    From “Crosseyed and Painless”:

    Facts are simple and facts are straight
    Facts aren’t lazy and facts aren’t lame
    Facts don’t come with points of view
    Facts don’t do what I want them to
    Facts just twist the truth around
    Facts are living turned inside out
    Facts are getting the best of them
    Facts are nothing on the face of men

    From “Once in a Lifetime”:

    Same as it ever was
    Same as it ever was
    Same as it ever was
    Same as it ever was
    Same as it ever was
    Same as it ever was
    Same as it ever was
    Same as it ever was

    From “Houses in Motion”:

    And as we watch him
    Digging his own grave
    It is important to know
    That was where he’s at
    He can’t afford to stop
    That is what he believe
    He’ll keep on digging
    For a thousand years

    From “Seen and Not Seen” (brilliant song and lyrics!):

    He imagined that this was an ability he shared with most other people…
    They had also molded their faced according to some ideal…
    Maybe they imagined that their new face would better
    Suit their personality…Or maybe they imagined that their
    Personality would be forced to change to fit the new appearance…
    This is why first impressions are often correct…
    Although some people might have made mistakes…
    They may have arrived at an appearance that bears no relationship to them…
    They may have picked an ideal appearance based on some childish
    Whim, or momentary impulse…
    Some may have gotten half-way
    There, and then changed their minds.
    He wonders if he too might have made a similar mistake.

    From “Listening Wind”:

    Mojique sees his village from a nearby hill
    Mojique thinks of days before Americans came
    He sees the foreigners in growing numbers
    He sees the foreigners in fancy houses
    He thinks of days that he can still remember…now.


  8. There’s a monkey swinging in a tree
    There’s a fish swimming in the sea
    That’s how it is when you’re free
    Where you go
    That’s where you want to be

    -Miracle Legion, Sailors and Animals

    We are stardust
    We are golden
    And we’ve got to get ourselves
    back to the garden…

    Richard Thompson, Woodstock

    Got the will to love,
    the will to love.
    I’ll never lose it,
    never lose the will to love,
    Never lose the will.

    Neil Young, Will to Love


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