Reconsider Jesus – An update from behind the scenes

Reconsider Jesus – A fresh look at Jesus from the Gospel of Mark
A devotional commentary by Michael Spencer
Compiled and Edited by: Michael Bell
Table of Contents

An update from behind the scenes

If you had read yesterday’s post you would have read the rather sad news that, like all good things, Internet Monk is drawing to a conclusion.

As I mentioned in the comments, producing Internet Monk is an absolutely herculean task. Chaplain Mike’s dedication to this site and the community that surrounds it for over ten years is to be commended.

I personally appreciate all that Chaplain Mike has done here. I also appreciate how freely he has let me write whatever has been on my heart, or not write when circumstances have got in the way which has been more often than not. I am also very appreciative of everyone who have offered so many comments, even those who I disagreed with.

As far as the Reconsider Jesus book goes I will continue to serialize on these pages here. You can do the Math though: Even producing two mini chapters a week will not get me finished Volume One (Mark 1-8) by January 1st.

But I do plan to finish it. I may likely resurrect my personal blog for the final parts of Volume 1. Stay tuned for more details.

I did want to offer a few words on the table below. It is a simplified version of a much larger matrix that I created for working on the books. What I have reproduced below is only the sections covering Volume One.

I have placed an asterisk where I have material from Michael Spencer, and an X where I do not. You will note that I do not have any written Bible studies after Mark 8. This mean that my editing process with be radically different with Volume 2 than with Volume 1.

The written Bible studies are quite formal and largely lacking in illustrations. The audio ones are VERY different. They contain illustration after illustration after illustration. As far as a style goes, the blog posts that you are used to reading come somewhat in between.

I find that the combining the written version and the audio version makes for a much more enjoyable read. The laying out of facts in the written studies are enlivened by some the illustrations from the audio transcripts.

I am very appreciative of those who have helped me get to this point. The transcription team spent countless hours on converting the audio to text. Technology was a lot less advanced when they did that. Scott Lencke provided some early help in compiling and editing. More recently I have been enjoying Dana edits to my work (99% of which I accept). Her command of the English language is extraordinary.

So that is where we are at. I will be sure to continue to update you as I go along.

And please, it would be a huge encouragement to me if you sent an email to and expressed an interest in purchasing this book when it is released.

As usual, your thoughts and comments are welcome.


Passage Chapter Title Written Bible Study Audio Bible Studies/Sermons Blog Postings
Preface 2
Why Study Mark * *
Mark 1:1 The Beginning * *
Mark 1:1-3 Roots * *
Mark 1:4-8 The Forerunner * *
Mark 1:9a From Nazareth X *
Mark 1:9-11 The Baptism * X
Mark 1:12-13 The Temptation * *
Mark 1:14 The Signal??? * *
Mark 1:14-15 The Message of the Kingdom * * 4
Mark 1:14-15 The Response * *
Mark 1:16-20 The Calling * X 1
Mark 1:21-28 The Teacher * *
Mark 1:21-28 The Exorcist * *
Mark 1:29-45 The Healer * *
Mark 2:1-12 The Forgiveness of Sins * *
Mark 2:13-17 The Tax Collector * X 1
Mark 2:18-22 The Bridegroom and the New Wine * X 1
Mark 2:23-28 Lord of the Sabbath * *
Mark 3:1-6 The Turning Point – Part 1 * * 2
Mark 3:7-19 The Turning Point – Part 2 * * 1
Mark 3:20-35 The Unforgiveable Sin * * 8
Mark 4:1-8, 13-20 The Seed and the Soil * * 2
Mark 4:9-12 The Hidden Secret of the Kingdom * *
Mark 4:21-25 The Light Meant to be Seen * *
Mark 4:26-34 The Big in the Small * * 1
Mark 4:35-41 The Master of the Storm * *
Mark 5:1-20 The Son of the Most High God * * 2
Mark 5:21-43 The Sick and the Dead * * 1
Mark 6:1-6 The Hometown Prophet * *
Mark 6:7-13 The Sent Out * * 1
Mark 6:14-29 A Prophet Silenced * *
Mark 6:30-44 The Shepherd Feeds His Flock – Part 1 * *
Mark 6:30-44 The Shepherd Feeds His Flock – Part 2 * *
Mark 6:45-56 The One Who Walks On Water * * 1
Mark 7:1-23 The Prophet of Integrity * * 1
Mark 7:24-30 The Unlikely * *
Mark 7:31-8:9a Taking Our Bearings * * 1
Mark 8:9b-13 ? X * 1
Mark 8:14-26 Do You See * * 2
Mark 8:27-33 The Great Reversal End of written Bible Studies X 3
Mark 8:34-37 ? X *
Mark 9:1 – End X Audio Bible Studies continue Other Blog Posts

8 thoughts on “Reconsider Jesus – An update from behind the scenes

  1. Mike, I very much hope that you continue this series on your personal blog when the time comes. It has been interesting reading, not least for seeing how Michael Spencer’s mind worked, and how well you have managed to mesh his formal, written version with his spoken thoughts. I’d also love to see what you do with Volume II, if you’re willing to continue sharing.

    Apart from Chaplain Mike’s and the other writers’ posts, I am going to miss this group of commenters, and your continuation of Michael Spencer’s work, besides being good and useful in itself, is (I hope) a way to continue some of the conversation we have had here for so long. Of course I’m going to buy the book, when it is published, to see how it all comes together.


  2. Catching up, not having read yesterday’s post before, I will add my comments here. I come to this site from an outsider’s perspective. I am not and never have been an Evangelical Protestant, in the modern American sense of the term. I grew up in the Lutheran church and, rather to my surprise, found myself sticking with it as an adult. Also as an adult, I became interested in Evangelicalism as a historical and theological phenomenon. IMonk has been invaluable in my quest to figure it out, straddling the line as it does: enough of an insider to offer that perspective, while enough of an outsider to see the forest, and not merely the trees. IMonk also, again to my surprise, became a place for my spiritual growth. I never would have guessed.

    I am sorry it is shutting down, but I understand the reasons. I can’t imagine putting in this much daily effort. It clearly has been a labor of love, but if it is time to move on then so be it and Godspeed.


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