4 thoughts on “Now available!

  1. Just bought the first one (got both the paperback and the download). Looks like a really fun read.


  2. Hi, Craig! Thanks for showing an interest in the books. No, we do not have an aversion to Amazon, but we’ve had an issue with some cool chapter title/header fonts converting into Amazon friendly formats. We’re working on it. When we’ve figured that out and have them available on Amazon, I’ll let Chaplain Mike know and maybe post an updated “availability” post.

    It’s been annoying to say the least. But my publisher and I really like the fonts and don’t want to lose them.


  3. Sounds interesting. Unfortunately when I’m went to purchase there isn’t an ePub version. Watermarked PDF isn’t a reading format and I’m not interested in paperback that will eventually end up in a landfill somewhere. There are plenty of ePub platforms out there if you have an aversion to Amazon.


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