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20 Years of Internet Monk

For twenty years, Michael Spencer, Chaplain Mike and a number of other writers described and discussed the post-evangelical life, seeking a Jesus-shaped spirituality, and inviting all and sundry to have important conversations in the Great Hall.

The conversation at this site has come to an end, but you can still access past conversations at The Internet Monk Archives ( For awhile, we will still be working on that site to make sure that it is complete and that all active links work, but as of today, the vast majority of material from Internet Monk has been transferred and is available.

A New Conversation We Recommend

Some of our writers are embarking on a new conversation, toward which I would like to direct you. Pastor Daniel Jepsen has started Mystery and Meaning ( and invites all of you to visit there and join the discussion there. Plus, he’ll be serving a weekly SATURDAY BRUNCH!!!

Keeping in touch…

Some of you have asked for a way of keeping in touch. I know Pastor Dan’s new blog will have that feature, so I encourage you to go there. But I will also be happy to put together an email list for Internet Monk readers who would like to communicate with one another. If you’d like to be part of this, send me permission to put you on this roster along with your name and email address by Sunday, January 10, I will compile a list and send it out.

My email address is and you are always welcome to write me there for this or any other reason.

There are also Facebook groups for fans of Internet Monk who’d like to connect with each other:

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