John Ashcroft: The Left’s Pathetic Case for Racism

The Democrat argument is simple. Because Ashcroft vigorously opposed the appointment of an African-American as a Federal judge, he is unfit to be attorney general. This argument depends on the public’s general lack of knowledge about Ashcroft’s record, since as a two-term Missouri governor and one-term U.S. Senator, he was not only astonishingly successful byContinue reading “John Ashcroft: The Left’s Pathetic Case for Racism”

Does The Rest of The World Need The Spirit of America?

Does The Rest of The World Need The Spirit of America? A letter to my daughter Reader: My daughter, Noel Spencer, is away at a special summer program for high school seniors. She is spending five weeks on the campus of Centre College as a “Kentucky Governor’s Scholar.” While visiting her on “Family Day,” weContinue reading “Does The Rest of The World Need The Spirit of America?”

Zero Tolerance Follies

Occasionally, Americans are capable of great things. D-Day. State Fair Corn dogs. Frank Sinatra. The election of Ronald Reagan. The Internet. On other occasions, Americans can really lay an egg. The election of Bill Clinton. The election of Hillary Clinton. The near election of Al Gore. The indictment of Jim Traficant. And the absurd andContinue reading “Zero Tolerance Follies”