Leave your seat, leave your sin (part 3)

“Leave Your Seat. Leave Your Sin” Part III It’s all good? Hardly. How the invitation has corrupted evangelicalism. by Michael Spencer Occasional abuse does not render a thing evil. This is common sense and evident to any reasonable person. Defenders of the public invitation are usually congenial about admitting to its abuse, yet they areContinue reading “Leave your seat, leave your sin (part 3)”

Leave your seat, leave your sin (part 1)

“Leave Your Seat. Leave Your Sin” How the public invitation has corrupted evangelical Christianity Part 1: A view from the aisle seat. by Michael Spencer Our state Baptist newspaper arrived this morning, with a familiar picture dominating the front page. An evangelist- in this instance Rick Gage- is standing on a stage with hundreds ofContinue reading “Leave your seat, leave your sin (part 1)”

The honeymoon is over (thankfully)

The honeymoon is over (thankfully) by Michael Spencer The honeymoon of President George W. Bush was, as political honeymoons go, better than average. The removal of the Arkansas mafia from the Presidential premises brought sunshine, light and a blissful soundtrack of patriotism into an office that had become more famous for DNA and cigars moreContinue reading “The honeymoon is over (thankfully)”

Is school out for Baptists?

Is School Out for Baptists? Southern Baptists consider the benefits of dropping out of public schools by Michael Spencer “Contemporary Christianity in America has become a self-absorbed culture of protection against everything that is deemed threatening while embracing every consumer driven gimmick that comes along.” – Steve McFarland “If Baptist parents were to comply withContinue reading “Is school out for Baptists?”

Don’t know much about History

Don’t Know Much About History Postmodernism turns off the History Channel At least once during any year, those organizations that attempt to monitor the effectiveness of American education send forth an alarm about the appalling state of some aspect of our school system. We’ve discovered that monkeys in Madagascar do better than our middle schoolersContinue reading “Don’t know much about History”