“How can I know the presence of God in my final season of life?” (or at any time?)

“How can I know the presence of God in my final season of life?” (or at any time?) An excerpt from Walking Home Together: Spiritual Guidance and Practical Advice For The End Of Life When people ask about knowing the presence of God in the midst of their terminal illness or death, I sometimes thinkContinue reading ““How can I know the presence of God in my final season of life?” (or at any time?)”

View from the (not so) front line

In a recent discussion, there was this nice note from regular commenter and friend Ted. Mike, I’ve been wondering how the crisis has affected you and your work as hospice chaplain. Will there be a blog post about it? A lot of your work must be in hospitals and nursing homes, which are now off-limitsContinue reading “View from the (not so) front line”

Another Look: A Suggested Program for the Church

By Chaplain Mike Note from CM: One of the questions I received for the “Ask Chaplain Mike” series was this: “If you were in the process of becoming a new pastor in an established church, what would your first priority be? How would you arrive at it?” The answer to that question is bigger thanContinue reading “Another Look: A Suggested Program for the Church”

Ask Chaplain Mike: The Grieving Process

By Chaplain Mike Today’s Question In your experience with hospice care, what is your approach to grief of those surviving the loss of a loved one? Do you think Christians tend to sugar-coat, suppress, neglect, or even ridicule the grieving process? After all, the loved one is in heaven/a better place; why should anyone beContinue reading “Ask Chaplain Mike: The Grieving Process”

Open Mic: What Is the Prosperity Gospel?

By Chaplain Mike This post might also be called: “Ask Chaplain Mike: Eagle’s Questions, part 2.” But I would like to take a different approach this time. Instead of me simply answering our friend’s question, I’d like the iMonk community to take part. In fact, Eagle himself asks for this when he writes: What exactlyContinue reading “Open Mic: What Is the Prosperity Gospel?”

Ask Chaplain Mike: Eagle’s Questions (part one)

By Chaplain Mike To me, one of the most enjoyable aspects of writing on Internet Monk involves getting to “meet” people from a variety of backgrounds who come here to discuss their thoughts and share their experiences. It is a conversation, and everyone is welcome. We have folks from all different Christian backgrounds, people fromContinue reading “Ask Chaplain Mike: Eagle’s Questions (part one)”

Ask Chaplain Mike: Considering Miracles

By Chaplain Mike Today we return to our “Ask Chaplain Mike” posts. This afternoon’s inquiry comes from a friend who sets forth a question many are asking in our day. He wants to know how people in this scientific age can continue to believe in miracles. By and large, we have become people for whomContinue reading “Ask Chaplain Mike: Considering Miracles”

Ask Chaplain Mike: “A Tenuous Seat in the Mainline”

By Chaplain Mike Last week, we started a new series called, “Ask Chaplain Mike.” Readers submitted questions via email and I will continue to answer them, devoting a post or two each week to your inquiries. When I start running low on questions, I will let you know, and we will solicit more. I haveContinue reading “Ask Chaplain Mike: “A Tenuous Seat in the Mainline””

Ask Chaplain Mike: My Use of the English Bible

Here’s a good question from a reader that will be fun for me to answer and I hope will prompt some good discussion. I’m eager to hear your responses. Today’s Question: Tell us about your use of the English Bible.  Likes, loves, etc.  It’ll generate some comments to be sure. So the question is, “WhatContinue reading “Ask Chaplain Mike: My Use of the English Bible”

Ask Chaplain Mike: Dealing with Those Who Hold Views I Used to Hold

By Chaplain Mike After this morning’s profound and personal inquiry, this afternoon I thought I’d tackle a shorter question. In some senses, it’s not any easier. I have found as a chaplain that it is sometimes easier to help people face death than it is to help them sort out life. It can get prettyContinue reading “Ask Chaplain Mike: Dealing with Those Who Hold Views I Used to Hold”