The Coming Evangelical Collapse – Eleven Years In

On March 10, 2009, Michael Spencer penned these words in an opinion piece in the Christian Science Monitor: We are on the verge – within 10 years – of a major collapse of evangelical Christianity… Within two generations, evangelicalism will be a house deserted of half its occupants. With that, a firestorm erupted. The storyContinue reading “The Coming Evangelical Collapse – Eleven Years In”

Another Look at Church Collapse Statistics

I would like to preface this post by saying that I do not have any joy in reporting these statistics. My hope and desire is for vibrant, growing churches, that are an increasingly effective witness in the communities in which they are found. That being said here is a snippet from a couple posts thatContinue reading “Another Look at Church Collapse Statistics”

Evangelicalism and Special Seasons

Guest post today by Chaplain Mike Mercer… When I ministered in suburban evangelical churches (nine years in one as worship pastor), there were two times each year when I struggled most against the infiltration of American secular culture into the church. These two times also happened to be the main feasts of the church, ChristmasContinue reading “Evangelicalism and Special Seasons”

Riffs: 11:14:09: Patrol Magazine and Evangelicals Who Won’t “Get Over It”

I asked for permission to reprint an entire editorial column from the always provocative and frequently dead-on-target Patrol Magazine. It’s entitled “Get Over It.” It’s the latest installment in The Coming Evangelical Collapse, as far as I’m concerned. There aren’t enough ways to say “Yes” and “Amen” to this editorial. I’ll have more to sayContinue reading “Riffs: 11:14:09: Patrol Magazine and Evangelicals Who Won’t “Get Over It””

“That Pitch Seems A Bit Up In The Strike Zone”

What pitch? This one, from the NAE President Leith Anderson article I’m not responding to. Everything depends on definitions. My short definition of an evangelical is someone who takes the Bible seriously and believes in Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord. That pitch. Now excuse me while I take a swing. By this definition, allContinue reading ““That Pitch Seems A Bit Up In The Strike Zone””

Michael Bell on “How the Recession May Fuel Church Growth”

IM First Officer Michael Bell takes the helm for another look at the statistical data facing evangelicals. This time the news is hopeful, as he explores a connection between the recession and Protestant church growth. Welcome back Michael. (Visit Michael at The Eclectic Christian.) Michael Spencer recently republished an article which looked at the problemsContinue reading “Michael Bell on “How the Recession May Fuel Church Growth””

Riffs/CEC: The Antidote to the Coming Evangelical Collapse- Church Planting

UPDATE: What matters more? Being recognized by the ECUSA or the Anglican Church in Africa? The Falls Church has a new daughter congregation and is starting more: A story of church planting in the new Anglican communion in Virginia. This story of a commitment to church planting among the newly freed Anglicans in Virginia makesContinue reading “Riffs/CEC: The Antidote to the Coming Evangelical Collapse- Church Planting”

Riffs/CEC: A Third of ATS Seminaries Are In Financial Trouble

USA Today is on the ringside of the Coming Evangelical Collapse (CEC) with this story on the desperate situation facing a third of the schools on the Association of Theological Schools. (Page loads strangely in Firefox.) Schools are closing, cutting back, combining, going on-line, selling facilities… the situation is serious. Many schools report less thanContinue reading “Riffs/CEC: A Third of ATS Seminaries Are In Financial Trouble”

The Evangelical Collapse: A Statistical Analysis Part II by Michael Bell

Guest Blogger Michael Bell (The Eclectic Christian) returns for his second round of statistical evaluations of “The Coming Evangelical Collapse.” As I was time limited when taking my first statistical look at “The Coming Evangelical Collapse“, I wanted to follow up with a few more observations about some of Michael Spencer’s statements: 1. Denominations willContinue reading “The Evangelical Collapse: A Statistical Analysis Part II by Michael Bell”