Another Look: My Journey Alongside the Spirit-Filled

Another Look: My Journey Alongside the Spirit-Filled I have a distinctly non-Pentecostal/Charismatic/Third Wave Christian heritage. (For the sake of easier reading, these three waves of “Spirit-filled” movements will be simply called “charismatic”  in the rest of the post) The steps of my ecclesiastical journey look like this: United Methodist (before charismatic influence) — Southern Baptist —Continue reading “Another Look: My Journey Alongside the Spirit-Filled”

Tuesday with Michael Spencer

Note from CM: Whenever the subject of the Holy Spirit comes up, as it does in even the most traditional churches during the time of Pentecost, questions regarding “second blessing” theology, miracles, spiritual gifts — especially those involving supernatural manifestations such as speaking in tongues and prophecy — healing, and “God speaking” directly to theContinue reading “Tuesday with Michael Spencer”

Mondays with Michael Spencer: January 11, 2016

I’ve been involved in some good discussions recently on the role of subjective, personal spiritual experiences. How should we deal with personal experiences of God “speaking” or otherwise relating to Christians on the subjective levels of feeling and sensing? Because there is such abuse and misuse in this area, it’s very easy to create aContinue reading “Mondays with Michael Spencer: January 11, 2016”

Sundays with Michael Spencer: January 18, 2015

Note from CM: 2015 will mark five years since the death of Michael Spencer, the Internet Monk. Today, we continue our “Sundays with Michael” series with an excerpt from post that was originally published in January 2009. • • • A good and dear friend recently updated me on developments in her recent spiritual journey. Let’sContinue reading “Sundays with Michael Spencer: January 18, 2015”

How I Became a… (Quiet) Charismatic

Today we continue our series on “How I Became a…”. Last month I discussed how I had become a Theistic-Evolutionist. Two weeks ago I told my story of becoming an Arminian. Today we are continuing the series by looking at how I became a (Quiet) Charismatic. Before telling my story (and before the darts are thrown),Continue reading “How I Became a… (Quiet) Charismatic”

Trashing a Treasure

On the nature, worth, provenance, and cessation of New Testament tongues, much is obscure and must remain so. Various interpretations on key points are viable, and perhaps the worst error in handling the relevant passages is to claim or insinuate that perfect clarity or certainty marks one’s own view. The texts (Acts 2:4-11; 10:46; 11:17;Continue reading “Trashing a Treasure”

There Is No Narrow, Pure Stream

There is a stream of sound teaching, sound doctrine, sound theology, that runs all the way back to the Apostles. It runs through Athanasius and Augustine, through Luther and Calvin, the great Reformation and Reformers, and the Puritans, and everything seems so clear to them. Through the Westminster divines and the pathway of Spurgeon andContinue reading “There Is No Narrow, Pure Stream”

MacArthur vs. Strange Fire

You don’t need to wonder about what my views are about John MacArthur and particularly about his latest “Strange Fire Conference.” Suffice it to say that I think the name of his teaching ministry — “Grace to You” — is rather a misnomer. I’ve been aware of MacArthur for forty years now, and frankly, haveContinue reading “MacArthur vs. Strange Fire”

Reconsider Jesus – The Sent Out

The following is an excerpt from Michael Spencer’s upcoming book: Reconsider Jesus – A fresh look at Jesus from the Gospel of Mark.  This week we are looking at a part of Michael Spencer’s writing and speaking on Mark 6. I accidentally skipped ahead and will be returning to Mark 5 next week.  The material being coveredContinue reading “Reconsider Jesus – The Sent Out”

What I Appreciate about the Charismatic Movements

I don’t want to leave our discussion of charismatic theology and practice without offering some words of appreciation for what I have gained and ways I think the church has benefited from its influence. Again, keep in mind that my experience is primarily with the “second wave” of charismatic renewal that blossomed in the 1960’sContinue reading “What I Appreciate about the Charismatic Movements”