What About Christians in the Public Schools?

My friend Steve Mcfarland has written a provocative and impassioned plea from a Christian in the public schools. Steve is asking his fellow Christians to not abandon one part of the culture- the public schools where millions of Christians work, millions of Christian kids attend, and millions of lost, hurting students need our help. AContinue reading “What About Christians in the Public Schools?”

The Divine Protection Racket? A Fixer God?

This is going to sound real cynical to some of you. Forgive me if it’s a bit too much. My Charismatic friends can start praying for me 🙂 I hear a lot of prayer requests in my job. On a weekly basis, I probably participate in 10-15 different sessions of prayer requests. Over my evangelicalContinue reading “The Divine Protection Racket? A Fixer God?”

Protection Racket Questions

INTRO: These are provocative questions meant to stir discussion. Please don’t over characterize me personally. I’m a facilitator of a discussion here. OK? 1. Would you tell a room full of atheists that your children are less likely to be involved in automobile accidents than theirs because you pray for them? If yes, on whatContinue reading “Protection Racket Questions”