Your Idealistic Faux Rage Is Unbecoming

Your Idealistic Faux Rage Is Unbecoming There is a “we’re all in this together” rah rah spirit in this time of pandemic that can at times be an encouraging reminder and at other times a grating cliché. As some of our commenters have said in recent days, we may all be in this pandemic together,Continue reading “Your Idealistic Faux Rage Is Unbecoming”

A Lenten Brunch Response to Pharisaic Idiocy: March 28, 2020

Lenten Brunch Lite 5: March 28, 2020 This Lenten season has been somewhat overwhelmed by all the attention paid to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, it has given us all an opportunity to ponder some fundamental aspects of what we believe and how we view the world (certainly consistent with Lent’s purpose). This morning I wantContinue reading “A Lenten Brunch Response to Pharisaic Idiocy: March 28, 2020”

When Prayer Is Something Else Altogether

Note from CM: I will moderate closely today. Mind your Ps and Qs. • • • Sunday’s event is a near-perfect embodiment of political evangelicalism in the Age of Trump: It blends Christian nationalism, the idea that the United States has a special place in God’s plans and Trump is God’s agent; social media, whereContinue reading “When Prayer Is Something Else Altogether”

The Pathetic Pastoral Counsel of the Neo-Reformed

The Pathetic Pastoral Counsel of the Neo-Reformed Do unborn babies and young children go to heaven? Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me and do not hinder them, for to such belongs the kingdom of heaven.” –Matthew 19:14 This is one of the questions the Bible does not answer for us. The best biblicalContinue reading “The Pathetic Pastoral Counsel of the Neo-Reformed”

“Mindfulness” and other contemporary legalisms

Life in contemporary America is full of “should.” And how can it not be? We are forever “shoulding” all over each other. Modern American life is, at times, almost suffocating in self-righteousness and legalism. We may be the most judgmental people in history. And I’m not just talking about church folks, though I think this isContinue reading ““Mindfulness” and other contemporary legalisms”

I won’t talk about the election, but I will say this

My main point: I think we should stop saying “It’s OK. God is on the throne.” • Ryan Patrick McLaughlin • • • I have determined not to make the election a topic of conversation with anyone, at least at this point. As for me, it is time to just get back to living andContinue reading “I won’t talk about the election, but I will say this”

Blame it all on sex. Uh, no.

According to Christian author, speaker, and apologist Frank Turek, sex is the problem in America these days, not unbelief. The reason, he says, that people are turning away from God is because they are chasing another religion: sex. It’s an old religion resurrected — the new religion in America is the religion of sex,” TurekContinue reading “Blame it all on sex. Uh, no.”

Sundays with Michael Spencer: January 25, 2015

Note from CM: 2015 will mark five years since the death of Michael Spencer, the Internet Monk. Today, we continue our “Sundays with Michael” series with an excerpt from post that was originally published in January 2008. Folks did not always respond with words of sweetness and light when Michael wrote. Here is an example of howContinue reading “Sundays with Michael Spencer: January 25, 2015”

Another Look: Boot Camp Blather

Note from CM: In July 2010, I wrote a rant that grew out of my attempts to comment on some other sites known for their strong views on a particular literalist interpretation of Genesis 1-2. Unlike the vast majority of the discussions here at Internet Monk, the “conversations” were nothing of the kind. I wasContinue reading “Another Look: Boot Camp Blather”

Pull the Plug on This Phrase, Please

Language matters. Let’s start there. Now, let me rant a bit. I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not as intimately acquainted with the evangelical subculture as I used to be, so I don’t cringe as much about evangelical cliches these days. But there is a phrase I keep hearing that is driving meContinue reading “Pull the Plug on This Phrase, Please”