The Evangelical Liturgy 19: The Pastoral Prayer

In his excellent book, Mother Kirk, Douglas Wilson makes a marvelous defense of the ministry of the written pastoral prayer. The average reader will say “What is he talking about?” And that is the problem: an important area of worship that is the responsibility of the pastor has been very neglected. So much so thatContinue reading “The Evangelical Liturgy 19: The Pastoral Prayer”

The Evangelical Liturgy 18: The Prayers Of The People

See Dennis Bratcher’s excellent article on “The Prayers of the People” in liturgy. A full tutorial on different kinds of prayers, litanies, collects, etc is available from ELC Canada. The idea of congregational “prayer requests” in a worship service is enough to cause anyone orchestrating a seeker service to run screaming from a planning meeting.Continue reading “The Evangelical Liturgy 18: The Prayers Of The People”

The Evangelical Liturgy 17: The Lord’s Supper

Here’s the intro to this series. All posts are under the “Evangelical Liturgy” category. In the past two years, I have written extensively here at IM in an attempt to recover some sanity, frequency and meaningful practice of the Lord’s Supper in my Baptist tradition. You can find those posts in the “Baptists” and “Church”Continue reading “The Evangelical Liturgy 17: The Lord’s Supper”

Rev Eric Dudley, St. Peter’s Anglican Church, Tallahassee, Florida: The Nuts and Bolts of Anglican Liturgy

We’ve been talking the Evangelical/Protestant liturgy recently, so why not something to give us some background in an evangelical Anglican liturgy. I’ve been watching with great interest- OK, with undiluted envy- the growth of one of the new Anglican congregations in the southeast, St.Peter’s Anglican in Tallahassee, Florida. If you aren’t getting their podcasts, youContinue reading “Rev Eric Dudley, St. Peter’s Anglican Church, Tallahassee, Florida: The Nuts and Bolts of Anglican Liturgy”

The Evangelical Liturgy 16: Baptism

I need to be very clear at the outset: we won’t be having a discussion on the theology of baptism. I will be talking about the place of baptism in liturgy, and I will be doing so from the standpoint of a credobaptist describing the Protestant liturgical worship service. Most formal worship spaces, even simpleContinue reading “The Evangelical Liturgy 16: Baptism”

The Evangelical Liturgy 15: The Creeds

This entire series is introduced here, and you can find all of the posts under the “Evangelical Liturgy” category in the categories menu. A hymn I grew up singing said that “My faith has found a resting place, not in device or creed.” A frequent accusation made against Baptist conservatives during the conservative resurgence wasContinue reading “The Evangelical Liturgy 15: The Creeds”

The Evangelical Liturgy 14: The Sermon

About 98% of the Christian blogosphere is written by preachers about preaching, so I have to wonder how much I need to say on this point. In the past, I’ve done a brief series on “What’s Wrong With The Sermon?” Much of that would be appropriate here. This post is particularly about the place ofContinue reading “The Evangelical Liturgy 14: The Sermon”

The Evangelical Liturgy 13: The Offering

All the posts in this series can be accessed under the category “Evangelical Liturgy” on the sidebar. If you don’t know what I am up to, read the introduction. Go up in the hollers of southeastern Kentucky, find a backwoods Holiness church where the shouting, “hollerin’,” jumping and “barking” style preaching seem to come fromContinue reading “The Evangelical Liturgy 13: The Offering”

The Evangelical Liturgy 12: The Assurance of Pardon

Anyone who sins has an advocate with God: Jesus Christ, the righteous one. By his life, death, and resurrection, he has found the lost sheep and brings it back, rejoicing over one sinner that repents. In Jesus, we are never beyond the reach of God’s love. And so today, in the name of Jesus, IContinue reading “The Evangelical Liturgy 12: The Assurance of Pardon”

The Evangelical Liturgy 11: The Corporate Confession

UPDATE: How The Corporate Confession Saved My Faith. And Part 2. From our friend Patrick Kyle. Follow this series by going to “The Evangelical Liturgy” in the categories menu. A wonderful collection of evangelical corporate confessions can be found at this post at Reformation Theology. ALMIGHTY and most merciful Father; We have erred, and strayedContinue reading “The Evangelical Liturgy 11: The Corporate Confession”