The Evangelical Liturgy 3: The Leaders

Intro, 1, 2. If you are looking for a complete theology of the pastorate, sorry. I am going to talk about the relationship of leaders to the worship service itself, and a few related issues. The sermon is a separate subject. One point I am making is that ministers are not entirely preachers. Someone hasContinue reading “The Evangelical Liturgy 3: The Leaders”

Michael Horton, Etc.: Resources on Reforming The Church and Its Worship

If you only read one book on worship, it should be Dr. Michael Horton’s “A Better Way.” I can’t find an audio presentation of that material, but Dr. Horton has a lot of good material on reforming worship in the local church. Reforming Worship Preaching Christ Reforming Church Music Reforming the Church Service Rethinking BaptismContinue reading “Michael Horton, Etc.: Resources on Reforming The Church and Its Worship”

The Evangelical Liturgy 2: The Toolbox

NOTE: Read the intro? The first post? You ought to do so. The “tools” for worship refers to the necessary books and literature giving distinctive evangelical content, flavor and boundaries to the worship service. One of the problems with evangelical worship is that the entire “toolbox” is often the pastor and/or worship leader! That shouldContinue reading “The Evangelical Liturgy 2: The Toolbox”

The Evangelical Liturgy 1: The Worship Setting

RESOURCE: Excellent piece at CICW on designing worship space. NOTE: Someone asked where I got the liturgy bug as a Southern Baptist. Here is Highland Baptist Church, Louisville, where I was on staff for 3 years. From the Chancel. And exterior. New Covenant worship can take place any place and any time. There is noContinue reading “The Evangelical Liturgy 1: The Worship Setting”

A New Series: The Evangelical Liturgy: Introduction

I am beginning a series of brief (I hope) posts on the subject of “the evangelical liturgy.” In these posts, I am going to survey the basic elements of a traditional Protestant worship service in a traditional Protestant setting. I will offer abbreviated commentary on each of those elements, with a purpose of explaining andContinue reading “A New Series: The Evangelical Liturgy: Introduction”