Franciscan Friday: Franciscan and Lutheran

In my reading about St. Francis and Franciscan spirituality, I was happy to find that there are Lutheran Franciscan orders. The following is from the Common Questions section of The Order of Lutheran Franciscans. In the Lutheran tradition, there are several Franciscan orders:  the Evangelische Franziskaner-Tertiaren was founded in 1927 in Germany, the Franciskus Tredje Orden is part ofContinue reading “Franciscan Friday: Franciscan and Lutheran”

Wanted: Someone to inflame the romantic imagination of Christianity

Wanted: Someone to inflame the romantic imagination of Christianity From Ron Rolheiser [We] need a new Francis of Assisi: We need someone, man or woman, who can re-inflame the romantic imagination of Christianity. Francis was a saint, but he was more than that. He was also a man of rare imagination. He was someone who,Continue reading “Wanted: Someone to inflame the romantic imagination of Christianity”

Franciscan Friday: Sentimentalizing Francis

Franciscan Friday Sentimentalizing Francis I am reading Adrian House’s biography, Francis of Assisi: A Revolutionary Life, and thought today I would share some words from its introduction, written by Karen Armstrong. Like Jesus himself, Francis is often sentimentalized. We like the image of the poetical saint, preaching to the birds and exulting in the beautiesContinue reading “Franciscan Friday: Sentimentalizing Francis”

Franciscan Friday: Richard Rohr on the Franciscan Way

Richard Rohr on the Franciscan Way Coincidentally, while we were in Europe, Richard Rohr was sending out two weeks of daily meditations on Franciscan spirituality in my email. You can review those articles HERE. I encourage you to read and meditate on them all. I would like to explore some of these themes on FridaysContinue reading “Franciscan Friday: Richard Rohr on the Franciscan Way”

Another Look: Chasing Francis

Another Look: Chasing Francis Francis was a Catholic, an evangelical street preacher, a radical social activist, a contemplative who devoted hours to prayer, a mystic who had direct encounters with God, and someone who worshiped with all the enthusiasm and spontaneity of a Pentecostal. He was a wonderful integration of all the theological streams weContinue reading “Another Look: Chasing Francis”