When being Right is Wrong

I like to be right. I like to debate. Sometimes I forget there are real people on the other side of the discussion, or listening in on the conversation. I remember way back in my university days an acquaintance expressed concern about the nuclear arms race. Sensing a chance for some fun, I immediately arguedContinue reading “When being Right is Wrong”


“I am on a post-evangelical journey, discovering what it means to be vitally connected to Jesus.” A truly prominent, not-post anything blogger has put forward the following theory: Those who use the prefix “post” to describe themselves are claiming to be smarter than those who don’t. Example: A “post-modernist” is saying “I used to beContinue reading “Post-Stupid?”

Ground Rules: Blogroll Psychology 101

Ground Rules are a series of posts reflecting on what I’ve learned in some of my controversies and conflicts with other bloggers. Who’s on your blogroll? Your RSS reader? What are you saying by including or excluding them? Somewhere in my future volume called “Blog Psychology: The Behavior of Bloggers Explained” I will have aContinue reading “Ground Rules: Blogroll Psychology 101”

Ground Rules: The Decision To Make It Personal

Ground Rules is a series of posts on some of the issues raised in my interactions with my critics in the blogosphere. Imagine with me, if you will, the following strange story. Imagine that I make a blog post taking issue with some point made by Ravi Zacharias. I rarely disagree with Ravi, but let’sContinue reading “Ground Rules: The Decision To Make It Personal”

Ground Rules: Is “TR” a mean and insulting label?

Ground Rules will be a series of posts exploring some of the issues raised in my interactions with other bloggers. Occasionally, I’m criticized for my use of the acronym “TR” as shorthand for “Truly Reformed.” I often use this term in a critical way, and that’s brought regular criticism that the term is insulting. WhyContinue reading “Ground Rules: Is “TR” a mean and insulting label?”