Announcement: Clark Bunch Is Replaying iMonk Podcasts

Note from CM: Our friend Clark Bunch over at The Master’s Table is doing a series featuring some of the iMonk Radio podcasts Michael Spencer made. I told Clark I would be glad to promote these so that more people can once more hear Michael’s voice and wisdom. Here is Clark’s introduction to the series.Continue reading “Announcement: Clark Bunch Is Replaying iMonk Podcasts”

Hearing iMonk: (1) Embracing the Church on the Corner

One of the treasures we have not tapped much in the past few years since Michael died has been his podcast ministry. If you go through the archives, you will find posts that offer those podcasts, but the links no longer work. I am trying to get all the podcasts I can find into one locationContinue reading “Hearing iMonk: (1) Embracing the Church on the Corner”