Justice without Jesus?

Justice without Jesus? We have people who have made justice their God, yet another instance of the litany of humanity’s idol worship. We have people defining justice as they see fit rather than wrestling with what Biblical justice is. And, in the end, we have people abandoning Christ. • Michael O. Emerson • • •Continue reading “Justice without Jesus?”

Tuesday with Michael Spencer: The Missing Voice of the Christian Counter-Culture

Note from CM: Here is an interesting post by Michael from 2008 (which I have edited to make it more concise). I’m not sure I heard him talk or write much about the things he says here. I wasn’t sure if he went through the same “counter-culture” experiences as I did or what he thoughtContinue reading “Tuesday with Michael Spencer: The Missing Voice of the Christian Counter-Culture”

Privilege, silence, shalom, and a generational moment

Our Declaration of Independence declares that all people are created equal. It proceeds to clarify what “equality” means: we are all endowed with certain natural rights by our Creator. But, though we may all have those rights, not all people start life or live it on an equal footing with others. And thus we speakContinue reading “Privilege, silence, shalom, and a generational moment”

Not as bad as 1968…yet

Not as bad as 1968…yet In the past days, 1968 has emerged as a meme, a way to understand what we’re living through right now. • Zachary Karabell [In 1968] the report of the Kerner Commission, appointed by President Lyndon B. Johnson to examine the causes of race riots in American cities in previous years,Continue reading “Not as bad as 1968…yet”