Lisa Dye: What Happened to My Big Life?

What Happened to My Big Life? by Lisa Dye The seed of the Kingdom, however tiny, however invisible or insignificant, is always growing, thanks to God’s tireless activity … He makes our efforts bear fruit beyond all calculations of productivity. • Pope Francis Recently, I listened to a woman named Esther Perel describe her childhoodContinue reading “Lisa Dye: What Happened to My Big Life?”

Advent III: Presence — The One Necessary Thing

Note from CM: During Advent, I have asked some of our wonderful iMonk writers to share meditations on seasonal themes each week. I have really missed hearing from our friend Lisa Dye, and I’m so grateful she was willing to send us this contribution for the third Sunday in Advent. In fact, I am gratefulContinue reading “Advent III: Presence — The One Necessary Thing”

Lisa Dye: Life, Liturgy and Lethargical Dancing

Life, Liturgy and Lethargical Dancing By Lisa Dye I’m not sure of the entire history of liturgical dancing, but it’s irrelevant to my point other than to illustrate my first and erroneous thoughts of the meaning behind liturgy. To get there I have to tell you a little about my dad. He has lived mostContinue reading “Lisa Dye: Life, Liturgy and Lethargical Dancing”

iMonk Authors Week: Lisa Dye

iMonk Authors Week Since my books were released last week, I thought it might be a good time to highlight some of the authors who write for us here at Internet Monk. I am blessed to partner with many fine, gifted, and faithful writers, who have written books. For those of you still getting familiarContinue reading “iMonk Authors Week: Lisa Dye”

Lisa Dye: The Blind Leading the Blind – Jack Update

The Blind Leading the Blind: Jack Update By Lisa Dye “Dogs and cats should always be brought up together,” said someone, “it broadens their minds so.” • C.S. Lewis, The Business of Heaven I found this Lewis quote in The Business of Heaven, a collection of excerpts from several of his books. He further explained that affectionContinue reading “Lisa Dye: The Blind Leading the Blind – Jack Update”

Holy Week 2015: The Way of the Cross (Lisa Dye)

“The way of perfection passes by way of the Cross.” • Paragraph 2015, Catechism of the Catholic Church • • • Five years ago, Internet Monk offered a series during Holy Week on the Stations of the Cross as Michael Spencer was struggling through his last days here on earth. I was new to theContinue reading “Holy Week 2015: The Way of the Cross (Lisa Dye)”