Gospelish – By C J Fitz – An Internet Monk Review

The past couple of weeks I have been hanging out musically at the intersection of country and folk. It is not a place I have been known to frequent, but the artistry of C J Fritz is persuading me that this might be a part of town that I want to visit more often. SoContinue reading “Gospelish – By C J Fitz – An Internet Monk Review”

Musick for the King – An Internet Monk Review

Few pieces of music can touch the soul like Handel’s Messiah. Making this composition into the centerpiece of a historical of historical novel is a task that only a masterful hand dare try. Barrie Doyle delivers a masterpiece of his own in “Musick for the King – A Historical Novel“. In it, we are transportedContinue reading “Musick for the King – An Internet Monk Review”

Church as “Strong Family”?

By Chaplain Mike May’s Christianity Today includes a thought-provoking article by Joseph H. Hellerman, entitled, “A Family Affair: What would happen if we put we before me?” Hellerman is professor of NT at Talbot School of Theology. He is the author of When the Church Was a Family: Recapturing Jesus’ Vision for Authentic Christian Community.Continue reading “Church as “Strong Family”?”

Reader Reviews: Andrew Marin’s Love Is An Orientation

A few weeks ago, IM reader Chris Giammona made it possible for 20 IM readers to receive a free copy of Andrew Marin’s significant and helpful book, Love Is An Orientation. As a condition for receiving the book, each reader agreed to write a brief response. Here are the first five of those responses. TheContinue reading “Reader Reviews: Andrew Marin’s Love Is An Orientation”

Review: Economic Parables by David Cowan

David Cowan is a Lutheran pastor with a background in journalism and the world of banking and finance. In Economic Parables he brings these life experiences together to write a series of Bible studies built off of the monetary teachings of Jesus found in his parables. Each chapter contains the parable and an extended reflection,Continue reading “Review: Economic Parables by David Cowan”

Review: The Lord’s Supper: Five Views edited by Gordon Smith

I’ve never been particularly interested in those books that line up the advocates of different views on a selected subject, give one each an essay and everyone a response. It sounds like a very good idea, but I’m the kind of person who thinks through an issue more clearly with an all out advocate orContinue reading “Review: The Lord’s Supper: Five Views edited by Gordon Smith”