Sunday with Ron Rolheiser: Sacred Work

  Sunday with Ron Rolheiser Sacred Work We lack a good theology of work. Too often work is seen as something that takes us away from the God and prayer, a distraction to the spiritual life. Hard work is admitted to be a good, honest thing, but, even so, never a holy thing in itself,Continue reading “Sunday with Ron Rolheiser: Sacred Work”

Sunday with Ron Rolheiser: Empathy for the World

Sunday with Ron Rolheiser Empathy for the World There’s a story told, more legend perhaps than fact, about a mayor of a large American city in the late 1960s. It wasn’t a good time for his city: It was facing financial bankruptcy, crime rates were spiraling, its public transportation system was no longer safe atContinue reading “Sunday with Ron Rolheiser: Empathy for the World”

Sunday with Ron Rolheiser: Restlessness is not depth

Sunday with Ron Rolheiser Restlessness is not depth Thirty-four years ago when I launched this column, I would never have said this: Restlessness is not something to be cultivated, no matter how romantic that might seem. Don’t get Jesus confused with Hamlet, peace with disquiet, depth with dissatisfaction, or genuine happiness with the existential anxietyContinue reading “Sunday with Ron Rolheiser: Restlessness is not depth”

Sunday with Ron Rolheiser: Christ and Nature

Sunday with Ron Rolheiser Christ and Nature Christ, himself, is vitally bound-up with nature and his reasons for coming to earth also include the intention of redeeming the physical universe. What’s implied here? Let me begin with an anecdote which captures, in essence, what’s at stake: The scientist-theologian, Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, in conversation withContinue reading “Sunday with Ron Rolheiser: Christ and Nature”

Sunday with Ron Rolheiser: What the Walk Teaches Us

Sunday with Ron Rolheiser What the Walk Teaches Us Several years ago, Hollywood produced a movie about the famous Camino walk in Spain. Entitled The Way, it chronicles the story of a father whose son was killed in an accident shortly after beginning this famous five hundred mile pilgrimage. The father, played by Martin Sheen,Continue reading “Sunday with Ron Rolheiser: What the Walk Teaches Us”

Sunday with Ron Rolheiser: Don’t Be Mystically Tone-Deaf

Sunday with Ron Rolheiser Don’t Be Mystically Tone-Deaf …Mysticism is as real as science. But that’s not easy to understand or believe. We live in a world where what is real is reduced to what is physical, to what can be empirically measured, seen, touched, tasted, smelled. Today the physical is what’s real, massively, imperialistically.Continue reading “Sunday with Ron Rolheiser: Don’t Be Mystically Tone-Deaf”

Sunday with Ron Rolheiser: The Gospel Challenge to Enjoy Our Lives

Sunday with Ron Rolheiser The Gospel Challenge to Enjoy Our Lives Joy is an infallible indication of God’s presence, just as the cross is an infallible indication of Christian discipleship. What a paradox! And Jesus is to blame. When we look at the Gospels we see that Jesus shocked his contemporaries in seemingly opposite ways.Continue reading “Sunday with Ron Rolheiser: The Gospel Challenge to Enjoy Our Lives”

Sunday with Ron Rolheiser: 10 Major Faith Struggles Today

Sunday with Ron Rolheiser 10 Major Faith Struggles Today This is from a few years ago, but I think it still stands up and warrants our attention, contemplation, and discussion on a Sunday. However you decide to participate today, I hope that your contribution will be personal. That is, I would like for us toContinue reading “Sunday with Ron Rolheiser: 10 Major Faith Struggles Today”