Thank you for supporting Internet Monk

Thank you for your support. I really mean this. Internet Monk is a labor of love. We who write have “day jobs” and contribute articles to the site as we can. I, Chaplain Mike, oversee the iMonastery and do my best to take the lead writing responsibility. None of us gets paid, nor do weContinue reading “Thank you for supporting Internet Monk”

Internet Monk Makes the New York Times!

I received an email from Shawn Askinosie today. Shawn is a criminal defense lawyer turned confectioner. His company, Askinosie Chocolate in Springfield, Mo., makes highly regarded bean-to-bar artisanal chocolate with 10 percent of the profits shared with the company’s cocoa farmers in Ecuador, Honduras, the Philippines and Tanzania. He was interviewed by an opinion pageContinue reading “Internet Monk Makes the New York Times!”

Site Update: Thanks for your patience (or, “I don’t like Spam!”)

It is likely that many of you have experienced delays seeing your comments appear in recent days when commenting on Internet Monk. It seems we are going through one of the periodic spam onslaughts that affect us. Please be assured, your comments are not being intentionally held. We do not generally practice active moderation of comments.Continue reading “Site Update: Thanks for your patience (or, “I don’t like Spam!”)”