Randy Thompson: A Reminiscence of Thanksgivings Past

A Reminiscence of Thanksgivings Past by Randy Thompson I think it’s sad that we, as a country, no longer honor the celebration of Thanksgiving as we once did. Now, it is little more than a kick-off for Christmas-related consumerism, with people showing up at Walmart Thanksgiving Day for “door buster” deals, provided they’re not atContinue reading “Randy Thompson: A Reminiscence of Thanksgivings Past”

Another Look: Let’s Go Marveling

Let’s go marveling. “This felicitous phrase is taken from the great Methodist preacher Fred Craddock, who tells of the ancestral practice of taking walks every Sunday afternoon and finding things to marvel at and to share with others” (Wm. P. Brown). A sense of wonder is essential to the attitude of thankfulness. It is whenContinue reading “Another Look: Let’s Go Marveling”

Randy Thompson: A Late November Meditation on Memory, Gratitude and Joy

A Late November Meditation on Memory, Gratitude and Joy by Randy Thompson Distinctions can be made between joy and happiness, but generally speaking, making the distinction isn’t worth the effort. Let’s say, simply, that happiness tends to be fueled by specific events and circumstances, while joy is a contentment rooted deep in the heart. LikeContinue reading “Randy Thompson: A Late November Meditation on Memory, Gratitude and Joy”

Wishing You a Happy Thanksgiving 2017

Happy Thanksgiving 2017 • • • A Prayer of Thanks (Updated for 2017) Thank you, Lord, In the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit… For life itself, the gift I take most for granted. For my baptism and introduction to the Gospel when, as an infant, all I could do was trust. ForContinue reading “Wishing You a Happy Thanksgiving 2017”

Randy Thompson: A Sense of Sin and the Joy of Gratitude (Huh?)

A Thanksgiving Meditation for 2017 A Sense of Sin and the Joy of Gratitude (Huh?!) by Randy Thompson Thanks-giving is a by-product of a certain way of looking at life,  a way of looking that has eyes to see the goodness of God and  the goodness of God’s creation, coupled with the awareness that weContinue reading “Randy Thompson: A Sense of Sin and the Joy of Gratitude (Huh?)”