Don’t rush through where Christians fear to tread

Someone I greatly respect recently posted the following on Facebook. It’s a short word about lament. I’ve been saying we live in circumstances appropriate for the practice of lament prayer, so I was glad someone is writing about it. However, when I read this friend’s word, I had mixed feelings. I agreed with his mainContinue reading “Don’t rush through where Christians fear to tread”

How NOT to respond to unimaginable grief

How NOT to respond to unimaginable grief Here we go again. The indestructible Society of Job’s Friends speaks out in the wake of the mass shooting in Sutherland. This time the theologizing comes from Lutheran pastor Hans Feine at the Federalist. In the article Pastor Feine defends God against critics and cynics who charge thatContinue reading “How NOT to respond to unimaginable grief”