A Blessing for You Today on Your Journey

 A Blessing for You Today on Your Journey • May it be an evening star Shines down upon you May it be when darkness falls Your heart will be true You walk a lonely road Oh, how far you are from home Mornië utúlië (darkness has come) Believe and you will find your way MorniëContinue reading “A Blessing for You Today on Your Journey”

Another Look: My Own Desert Places

Another Look: My Own Desert Places They cannot scare me with their empty places Between stars — on stars where no human race is. I have it in me so much nearer home To scare myself with my own desert places. • Robert Frost, “Desert Places” One temptation is to think the wilderness is withoutContinue reading “Another Look: My Own Desert Places”

A letter to a friend from exile

Dear friend, At long last I write back. Forgive the delay. You ask, “What are you thinking lately?” To be honest, I feel my capacity to think about much in recent days has been greatly diminished. I’ve gotten overwhelmed by the numbing, unchanging situation that has hung on and on like a fog that justContinue reading “A letter to a friend from exile”

Let’s Review: Some basic concepts at Internet Monk (2) — Wilderness Journey

Let’s Review Some basic concepts at Internet Monk (2) — Wilderness Journey We are reviewing some basic concepts that have taken hold over the years here at Internet Monk. Most were introduced by the blog’s founder, Michael Spencer. Others come from Chaplain Mike, with thanks to friends and partners who have contributed. Since I, ChaplainContinue reading “Let’s Review: Some basic concepts at Internet Monk (2) — Wilderness Journey”

Wednesday with Michael Spencer: Just a guy with a life

Wednesday with Michael Spencer Just a guy with a life (excerpt from Chronicle of the Journey, 2008) I’m a fifty one year old guy whose days leading churches in his denomination are probably over, whose wife got burned out in the non-existent “spirituality” of 30+ years of Baptist church life and ministry, who has beenContinue reading “Wednesday with Michael Spencer: Just a guy with a life”

“Your relationship with God grows uniquely in the soil that is your journey through life”

My friend Dory recently wrote: This year has been transitional for me, and I hope I’m not nearly done yet. I have deliberately stepped back from everything I thought I knew about traditional Christianity, racial divide, politics, racial bias, the meaning of freedom, and the response of the church to government oppression. I have askedContinue reading ““Your relationship with God grows uniquely in the soil that is your journey through life””

CM: and this is faith?

and this is faith? and this is life? scared spitless, all alone my earthly goods, my loves sent away anticipating an attack reaping what i’ve sown the wrath of esau i feel like throwing up pulling the covers over my head but suddenly i’m wrestling writhing, grunting, falling, scraping my elbow, twisting the sound ofContinue reading “CM: and this is faith?”

The Limits of Social and Political Activism

Richard Beck’s continuing series on his journey to becoming “post-progressive” includes a critique of progressive Christianity’s priority of political activism and social justice. Beck knows that there is a great deal of support in the biblical story for this emphasis, and thinks it appropriate that this is an emphasis for Chrsitian faith and practice. “BuildingContinue reading “The Limits of Social and Political Activism”