Common decency butchered

Common Decency Butchered
by Michael Spencer

In her withdrawal speech, Chavez surrounded herself with people whom she had helped, allowing each one to put a human face on the Democrat spin. No matter what the Jesse Jacksons of the world may say, Americans will recognize in Chavez the same kind of neighborly compassion that is enshrined in the best of our communities and families. Democrats may have taken Chavez out of the game, but the tactics used will not score any points with anyone who ever gave a moment’s thought to what it means to be a good person.

The party of welfare has spoken clearly. There is no difference, in their minds, between a nanny and chauffer for Zoe Baird, and a friend asking you to help an abused immigrant woman survive until she can get on her feet. Chavez was proud to say she would do it all again, “in an instant, without hesitation.” I stood to applaud and I doubt that I was alone.

Remember “Values Clarification,” the secular moral education craze of the seventies and eighties? One of the classroom exercises involved putting a moral dilemma in front of the students and hearing their individual resolutions. Can anyone imagine what a group of third graders would say is the right thing to do when a friend calls and asks a well-off American woman to help a destitute and abused immigrant? And would they change their answer if that immigrant was here illegally? What Democrat parent would teach their child that Chavez should have called the INS and obeyed the law?

Liberals tend to think that Americans are easily duped by labeling, and to a certain extent, there is evidence that is true. Americans are often quick to believe the worst about anyone in public life. But Americans are also people who give twenty bucks to their neighbor when he’s out of work. Americans are people who loan a spare bedroom to their son’s friend who’s been put out of the house. Americans are people who drive their neighbors to church and send over a bag of groceries to the widower down the road. They won’t believe Linda Chavez was wrong to do what she did. They will believe that Democrats are rank, heartless hypocrites. Here, here.

For my nickel, Chavez should have held the news conference, let her friends talk, and then told her liberal critics to eat her Hispanic conservative dust. It concerns me that Dubya may have green lighted this pull-out in order to keep the tone civil and lessen the pressures on other Cabinet choices, especially John Ashcroft. I hope he responds with a clearly conservative choice and gives the Democrats no pay-off for their butchering of common decency.

In the meantime, write your Democrat congresspersons a letter, and tell them just how far out in the liberal sea their little boat has drifted. So far, they apparently can’t see the shores of America’s compassionate heart.

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