10 thoughts on “The Church of JC Capitalist

  1. Obviously. All the other commandments are cultural or contextual – but sexual sin relates to the soul…. You cannot have been in Evangelicalism long and not have heard something like that.


  2. Still laughing! But… How truthful!!
    Best part that you can ignore all the commandments except those that have to do with sex. LOL!!!!


  3. I wonder if any Taoists were offended by the prominent use of the YIn/Yang symbol in the video? Not to worry though because I don’t think there’s ever been a Taoist related terrorist incident ever reported.


  4. > I wonder if they accept payments.

    What if you automatically have the payments applied to your credit card every month – but you die with an outstanding balance on the account? … so you haven’t ‘really’ paid it.

    Give that question to a room full of Theologians and schism is almost certain – there will then be a Capitalist Reformed Church. Those who oppose the payment plans on earnest moral groups will leave an form a loose association of Independent Capitalist Churches of America.


  5. I think it should be the JC Capitalist Church of Silly Walks — with, of course, silly walking encouraged as the foremost of spiritual gifts and a sign of God’s financial anointing on your life.


  6. If only more churches could be this self-aware and express there doctrine with as much clarity.


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