Another Look: Group Seeks Genesis Ban

A Christian group, concerned about moral breakdown in American society, is pushing for a ban on the book of Genesis.

A spokesperson for “People Involved in Saving, Securing, and Defending the Old-Fashioned Family” (PISSDOFF), said that decent citizens have come together to protest the publication and distribution of Bibles containing Genesis. They say that our culture cannot go on promoting materials like Genesis to our children without devastating consequences.

Jonathan Fussminder, a parent and activist for the group said, “This book [Genesis] is a classic case of the devil’s bait and switch. It opens with an outstanding scientific depiction of how God created the universe 6000 years ago, but then you turn the page and you have two people running around naked in a garden! That’s Satan’s way. He draws you in with something that sounds good, and before you know it, you are looking at pornography. ‘They were naked and not ashamed’? That is exactly how the world wants us to feel about immorality! No shame! I wouldn’t want my boys reading a book like this for anything.”

When asked if that passage is the only one to which he and the other members of PISSDOFF objected, Fussminder rolled his eyes and said, “Oh my, no. Genesis is filled with R-rated material at best. You’ve got violent killings, parents having sex with their own children, men giving their wives away to harems to save their own skin, sodomy, lies, deceit, polygamy, child-slavery, seduction, and so many explicit sexual scenes and references that I’m embarrassed to even talk about them.”

When this reporter asked about the fact that some people consider Genesis to be “God’s Word,” Fussminder became animated. “God’s Word? God’s Word? That just shows how far into decadence we’ve fallen. Can you imagine a good and holy God inspiring a book like this? Can you imagine God asking parents to tell these stories to their children? They’d be warped for life!

“No, this most certainly is NOT God’s Word! How it got into the Bible we don’t know. I think the Catholics had something to do with it. The fact that it is in there may point to one of the most insidious conspiracies in history, and it’s time we uncovered the lie. We are pushing hard for publishers to delete Genesis from future Bibles. And we are also going to keep investigating. If Genesis got snuck in there, who knows what might be in some of the other books? As we speak, PISSDOFF has teams of readers combing through the other books in the Bible so that we can root out this kind of immoral and corrupting material.

“Just recently, I heard a rumor that the very next book, Exodus, may contain depictions of infanticide, murder, nightmarish and gory plagues straight from the latest horror movies, idol-worship, immoral partying, and more sexual perversion. Who knew? I certainly never read any of that from the Bible Promise Loaf we had on our kitchen table when I was a kid!”

So your work won’t be ending with Genesis? Fussminder was asked.

“No way!” he replied. “We’re PISSDOFF, and we are not going to take it anymore! We are here to protect the children of America from these sick and perverted influences, and we won’t stop until we’ve cleaned it all up, from Genesis to Revelation.”

(From 2011)

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  1. Yes, I do care about what others think, and I do try to listen and to understand. I have trouble with understanding some things, yes. But still, I think it is worth the effort to try and to not give up.

    Sometimes, there comes an incident that helps put light on a topic and resolves some of the misunderstandings people live with. So, it is possible that things may change for the better.

    I do like this blog also, as it is a ‘forum’ where people may speak from the heart and be heard but the ‘pushback’ if it comes, is generally thoughtful and respectful and not of the kind that attacks the person one does not agree with . . . . . . I so believe that Michael Spencer had in mind a place where people could come and sit down together and communicate honestly and respectfully . . . . he was open and honest and blunt at times, but Michael’s legacy is that you always understood that it was okay to disagree and it was okay to see things differently. That spirit has been carried forward by Chaplain Mike. The commenters here revere Michael Spencer’s memory for all the right reasons and it shows up in how they communicate with one another, I think. 🙂


  2. Christiane, of course we agree at times to disagree. Russia trying to influence American election and cause trouble, of course, all nations do that. If the Americans followed events not Facebook, Yahoo comments, You Tube and really knew the issues than no fake news could penetrate. Most Americans my age think, no believe JFK was the youngest President as that is what they learned in 1963, they believe it because the “news” told them. We know who really was the youngest President but you would have to know history before 1963, just an example. America tried to influence last election in Israel , all nations do it. Strange that the ever fierce Romney takes the WAPO article as a matter of fact as they ran the “expose” of the homophobic 15 year old Romney bullying a classmate . If God is not to be involved in American politics and government we will have to go back to our founding documents and change the motto of the USA reprint our money and outlaw Pilgrims Progress. The voters in Alabama can decide if a candidate who is a very outspoken fundamental Christian is qualified to be their Senator, the election will be the verdict of the jury of the public opinion court. So the international community no longer respects the USA because we will not abide unfair trade practices, not tolerate our Allies who do not pay their legal obligations for their defense, do not respect our borders, will not commit our troops to nation building to quell their regional concerns and big business and a President who as the Constitution requires puts America interest first. So keep up the good fight, do not be dismayed, the “establishment” will get rid of Trump or render him ineffective if the trend continues. Republican and Dems put on a kabuki theater show but they are on the same page and payroll. This is a good site and I appreciate the mix of comments that it contains. You are correct , we disagree but you know your religion, you know your heart and you are sincere in your beliefs, that is why you care about what others think. That is good and that is America , thank God for that freedom.


  3. Hi John Barry,
    I’m going to credit the Women’s March after the DT inauguration for inspiring women to confront abuse and to have the courage to report it. I think the new women’s movement is inspirational, yes, so I would say that it is a greater influence of the reporting of past abuses of perverted misogynistic predators than ‘Hollywood hypocrisy’.

    BTW, I want to ask you to begin to check your sources of information (as I myself have begun to do) as thoroughly as possible. Here is why:

    apparently Russia IS targeting both the right and the left with ‘fake news’ but some seem more eager to use it when it suits their agendas (in the end, this does not work for them, but by that time, the damage is done)

    I think we will ALL have to be more careful of our sources in future, now that we know about the Russian ‘fake news’ propaganda mills that are stirring up trouble in this country, yes.

    Thanks for communicating with me. We don’t always agree, but here on Imonk, it’s okay to see things differently. I respect that your views have meaning for you and that I know they are important to you. Same with me: I am horrified by some of the latest developments in Trump world. (But at least now, I want to be CERTAIN that info about DT is not coming from a Russian source as ‘fake news).

    True, I was not a fan of Moore even before this current issue came up. I think his alignment of ‘God’ with ‘politics’ is disgusting, and I think that the people who fall for this kind of thing are at risk. (my own godmother was such a person and she gave thousands to talk show hosts like Pat Robertson of CBN)
    Sure I worry about what is happening. But at least I know our American people in the end are not total fools and I’m counting on our good common sense and resolve to do what is right and good. Too optimistic? Well, I call it ‘hopeful’ . . . . this is still the best country in the world, although the international community is no longer seeing us as reliable and responsible, which IS a danger for our own security. Thanks for hearing me rant. I don’t mind pushback. So you can feel free to tell me what you think and I will consider it because I value that you are trying to communicate openly and this is sure a good place to communicate freely.


  4. If you mean former conferderate states as in the South (as opposed to the name of some organization), then I can tell everyone that an adult marrying a minor is definitely not the norm and is done only in backwater, very poor areas, but no, not the norm. The vast majority of us are normal, 21st century people.


  5. And they read the Bible through those lenses. That’s why the Bible “clearly states” when it really doesn’t.


  6. Ya see guys, with satire, there’s usually this “punch” that early on gives you a curiously strong hint as to the comical nature of the tale. In this case, it was the acronym. It’s that thing that, if you buy it, you feel stupid for getting suckered later.

    I say the solution to Poe’s law is MORE satire. The best way to unmask the crazy is with a clear illustration. So what if you can’t fix stupid. You can still raise awareness!


  7. Eyeore, good points you have brought out. In my line of thinking the RCC example is a historical , long term, acknowledged and well documented series of charges that even many in leadership positions were aware of. It was settled mainly in the legal system with due process not on Yahoo comment sections. I think your example and thoughts are good but not exactly relevant to the Moore accusations, set in a political sphere.

    . 2. Again major breakthrough cases your reference whatever they are has not resulted in the legal statue of limitation being changed that I am aware of. The “timing ” of this WAPO inspired revelation is weeks before an election that the opponent of Moore was way behind in the polling. The accuser did not pick the “timing” the WAPO decided the timing. Took this long to break the story? Story buried for years by who?

    . 3. Of course you are right, however the age gap I was referring to that many men like younger women, Moore married a woman 14 years younger, No one should ever argue that statutory rape can be justified. Just an aside, when 14 year girl shows up pregnant why not DNA test and statutory rape charges for the father of the child, period, legal charges forthcoming. I am with you on that.

    4. Bill Cosby was brought in and entered into the legal system. I do not “like” Moore, I wanted his opponent to win as he was a good congressman , however our system is not based on who we like. Plus Bill Cosby fell out of favor with the passing of time. Just like Hollywood now it is all open secrets and no one wanted to rock the apple cart until it became expedient. The “cating couch” was invented by Weinstein and Spacey Kevin. There is no legal testimony or evidence in a legalistic sense that we can judge Moore on (judge Judge Moore., I like it). We do not have justice in our society we have a legal system that keeps the wheel turning or
    we can vote on Facebook instead of trials.

    I am not of the mindset that being empathic to others does not mean you can have different opinions. The United States does not enforce “Christian” law it enforces laws passed by our elected government based on the Constitution. That is why Moore is not Chief Justice but he took a stand that cost him, up to voters to grade him on that. There is a legitimate issue of what morality is on a national social level. Fundamentalist like Moore think abortion is immoral and is to be opposed. Some think that not allowing illegal aliens to stay in our country is immoral. So historically in America we turned to the “Law” to give us secular answers so we do not ascend into regional, tribal and religious enclaves following a doctrine of nullification if we do not agree. It is up to the voters in Alabama to decide if Moore should voted n based on this accusation or on what his political agenda is. I do not want the Arab street form of government in the good old USA.


  8. Christiane, you know it is not 14 year girls being profiled, you alluded to Moore fitting the profile of a play character. Would it be Burl Ives playing Big Daddy in Cat on a Hot Tim Roof or perhaps singing goober peas, one of his hit songs.. What they call good defensive measures in Israel we call profiling. Again if the allegation Is made is it to be taken as a fact? The WAPO story gave cover to the Hollywood hypocrites to give them a way out for the awards ceremony, it is all interconnected. A few rich people in the world control our information flow. Tom Steyer is trying to buy a Trump impeachment, good for democracy or bad? However that is why we are here because at least their are different outlooks here that keep the ball and the mind rolling.


  9. 1) time frame – it’s not easy or safe for women to report this kind of thing. It’s like the RCC sex abuse cases – there were string social and cultural barriers that stood against those who were abused. It takes courage to step forward. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that a lot of this stuff is coming out now.

    2) timing – again, now that there have been major breakthrough cases, a lot of women who suffered abuse are getting the courage to come forward. If that timing is inconvenient for the abusers, I’m not too broken up about it.

    3) age gaps – it’s more a question of how old the woman is at the time of the contact/relationship/harassment. Statutory rape is statutory rape, whether the girl is willing or no.

    4) history – it’s very soon in the process. Until two years ago, NOBODY except those directly involved would have believed Bill Cosby was a rapist. I felt about Bill Cosby probably like you feel about Judge Moore – I like the guy, I liked what he publically stood for. But justice demands that I accept the testimony against him and condemn his actions.

    Basically, when I talked about empathy, I meant seeing what Judge Moore looks like from the standpoint of abused women, from the standpoint of non-religious people, from people like me who believe we have no biblical mandate to force Christian law and morality on everybody else. Moore does NOT look so good from these perspectives.


  10. Hi John Barry,
    I am against the profiling of fourteen year olds as people to take advantage of sexually, yes.
    It’s been a terrible week for revelation of what grown men have done to young teens.

    I do think that Moore is a product of his environment, and that outside of that environment the time has come when girls and women have lost their fear of reporting abuses . . . . . . that whole patriarchy thing is a sick model for both men and women, I’m afraid. No good has come from it.

    Do I reject the various phobias that fundamentalists cling to and hate on and in that hatred, bond with each other? I do reject it. I try to understand reasons for all that hate, but it isn’t easy, no.


  11. Christiane, that is what the electoral process is all about. The people of Alabama elect their Senator , not the national press or the national GOP. Would we want to go back to repealing the 17 Amendment? Is the allegations about Moore enough to have the results of the votes of Alabama nullified. Where is the yardstick of what is acceptable, would Ted Kennedy survive his behavior in this age or if the voters in Mass. say it is okay should the national political parties override their votes. Moore is not using his religious views to work up the “base’ he believes it from what I can discern, they accept it. When Clinton was elected in 1992 and reelected in 1996 the debate about what is “acceptable” to the American voter was somewhat answered. The evidence was in that Clinton was a draft dodger , cheated on his wife,went after his women who accused him , lied to the people of Ark. about his ambition and was involved in questionable deals. The American voter voted for Clinton so that debate is over. Clinton was disbarred which means he did not meet the standard to be a lawyer and the voters still love him The Republicans as usual used the impeachment card to fund raise but they were not serious about it. So now we have an “allegation” from 1979 weeks before the election that means what . Again what is the history since 1979 of Moore that is on record that shows a pattern of being a predator? Now his religion views might not be popular outside of Alabama anymore than Keith Ellison views are popular outside Dearborn Mi or Romney outside Utah. I assume you are against profiling except for Moore? Al Smith would have a shot of being President today. Maybe the Senate needs a true outsider that will be the Maverick that McCain longed to be but he was just a business as usual establishment guy. . Again, if this were a court of law would Moore be found guilty? . Is there a right to exam your accuser in the court of public opinion. Would the accuser be available for cross examination or is that unacceptable? Did he Duke la cross team get their good names back and if so when? The institutions of America are being torn apart with a speed that I am surprised and saddened by.


  12. Hey John Barry,

    I am not a Roy Moore fan, true, but even he deserves some consideration, yes. So I look at his ‘record’ of using religion to work up his base, and I find this does not speak well for his character. But still. We cannot lock him up without proof.

    But we CAN ask him to step down and take care of clearing himself. Even a lot of Republicans find this to be a reasonable and honorable path forward. The Senate of the United States of America is still seen as the more honorable of the two houses and although it has weathered some evil characters, it is not exactly wanting to go through another bad scene if there is a decent alternative.

    You are right. In our country, we deserve to be considered innocent until proven guilty. But the character of this man is questionable to many who have seen his antics, and I hope he removes himself from public scrutiny and deals with his issues privately. I don’t think the country is in the mood for more drama. He should do himself and all of us a favor and clean up his mess before seeking office again. And his mixing of ‘religion’ with ‘politics’? Hideous stuff. A poor witness to greed for power and control and the $$$ it will bring him. If he loves his country, he will do the right thing now.
    John, this is my opinion. I appreciate your response to my first comment. Sorry for the delay in responding.


  13. I heard something about Hollywood switching places with the Bible Belt on moral behavior. That is, the evil Weinstein is banished from Tinsel Town; but Moore is ‘forgiven’ (even though nothing is proven yet) by his ‘base’ who also worship the Trump.

    Moore is a creature of a world where women exist as ‘lesser beings’ in the teachings of the patriarchal Churches, where Islamophobia is alive and well (Moore has graduated and got his T-shirt when he dissed Muslims being able to serve in government jobs) and where the ‘good ole boyz club’ overlooks much. A saying in deepest Bible country, this: “the only way a certain politician could lose an election would be to get caught in bed with a dead girl or a live boy”. It’s a strange world where there had to be a Moore come eventually homegrown out of the soil of such thinking, I suppose. But he is almost like a character in a play, he so fits the profile it’s scary.

    Alabama is having a lot of trouble with its politicians lately, and that’s the truth. Still they get elected, even if indicted, they get elected even if caught on tape speaking about body parts and acts with their mistress, and even if the girl is a fourteen year old . . . . ‘she gave consent’ someone whimpered. Please. Dear God help these people. It’s beyond me to understand but I still feel sorry for them.


  14. Yes. I have heard Trump supporters say that in not so many words.

    “He says what’s on his mind!”

    Like: “Grab ’em by the ______.”

    Yeah, Roy Moore will get a free pass too from a lot of folks.


  15. “And why is the woman presumed to be lying until proven truthful?”

    Everyone is supposed to be innocent until proven guilty. Everyone.

    It’s true these cases are hard to litigate and the system is seldom gentle to the accuser. I’m not defending that.

    The calculation here seems to be “hang’em all let god sort’em out.” I just hope YOU are never one of the accused then.

    You would prefer…what? I would really like to know.


  16. I had to check the date too. Then I realized that the news these days isn’t much different.

    Looking forward to the Saturday Brunch tomorrow. It’s been a while. We were w/o power for 6 days here in Maine, now there’s no internet on the island for awhile until the new server gets poles and wires hung. Good news: it’ll be fibre-optic! In the meantime I sneak over to the library for wi-fi, the only game in town with its education line.


  17. Logically speaking, probably. Practically speaking, in situations like this it’s highly unlikely. Like I said, I’ve seen the Eternally Moving Goalpost scam in my own workplace, in situations where the harassment was recent AND public. So I’m gonna give the accuser the benefit of the doubt. No apologies.


  18. “It’s all there – unfiltered.”

    …until the moment we start reading it, when it becomes filtered through whatever we bring to the text.

    I have utmost confidence in Scripture; not so much in some of its interpreters. Hermeneutics is always THE issue.



  19. Seriously, how many accusations like this end up being false?

    Just enough of them that you can’t assume they’re automatically true.

    There’s always someone out there who’ll try to Game the System.


  20. That was actually part of his appeal.
    He sounded DIRECT. Not like every word out of his mouth was written by spinmeisters and liability lawyers and vetted through focus groups before being read off the teleprompter.


  21. great stuff, Chaplain Mike ….. we need more of this kind of thing . . . . . sort of reminds me of Headless Unicorn Guy who is a genius in his way

    Actually, I am a genius.
    A messed-up Cold War Kid Genius (of which the Reality is far different than the Fantasy).


  22. One thing that growing up in a real conservative PCA church taught me is that those who scream the loudest about how holy they are and those who are the loudest moral crusaders are usually the biggest sinners.



  23. The “innocent until proven guilty” standard is legal in the US, but only by the thinnest of margins. People arrested are not treated as innocent; they are generally put in jail for brief ( if they’re rich) or heartbreakingly long (if they’re otherwise) periods of time, and often subjected to daily cruelty and violence while they wait for their trial. But before a trial, they are pressured by high-power DAs to plead guilty (thus saving the county the costs of a trial), and if they insist on their innocence they are threatened with multiple charges and many years of prison time, so most of them cave.

    I know this is an off-topic remark, but it’s true and I’ll find all the links anyone wants, if anyone wants.


  24. I agree with you that most people seem to camp out on one side or the other and thus filter everything through that lens. The problem is that now-a-days most leaders tend to reside in those camps, too. We need some really good quality individuals to rise in leadership in and around the center so that 70% of this nation (those of us who can’t stand the left or the right) has someone we can legitimately vote for.


  25. –> “Except of course the Elect are just the opposite of what we have been told to expect.”

    Exactly. And that’s comforting…until you begin to wonder if you’re one of the Elect. 😉


  26. Yep. Thus…denominations. Thus…theologies in opposition.

    True story…at my church’s men’s group several weeks ago, I brought a warm-up question and had everyone answer confidentially on a slip of paper. The question: “Can a person lose their salvation?”

    Split 50-50. Hilarious!


  27. Jonathan, the “liberals” recently getting the well needed attention are not political office holders or in government. They are actually have more influence and impact society more in many ways. If you do not think the allegations against Moore are political in nature compare the publicity between this and Senator Mendenez of NJ. Just my thoughts


  28. If we are to be in pursuit of truth, and all people should be, Christians more-so, then the first step is cleaning the political fog from our spectacles. If someone believes (at this point) that Judge Moore is guilty of taking sexual liberties with a minor, then you have too much left fog. If you believe that Judge Moore is a good man and the “liberal media” is persecuting him, then you have too much right fog. The same with the president. At this juncture, if you believe that Donald J. Trump colluded with the Russians to win the election, then you need to remove the left-leaning bias (because no one in the public knows). If you believe that it is a witch hunt and a political hack job, then you have too much conservative fog. That’s why we have the police, FBI, and courts. Are they always right? No. But most of the time they are and it is best system on the planet for finding truth and we have to live with that.


  29. I agree with your assessment of HUG’s creative brilliance (having read some of his non-IM work). CM does such serious and careful work, I was about to see this as not-satirical, even doing a search for PISSDOFF.


  30. Eeyore, thanks for the input. Yes, the media did “report” on Clinton’s proven conduct of cheating on his wife and using his power to prey on women. However the editorial and op ed pieces were somewhat gentle and understanding and I would say defensive of Clinton. However that is old news like you stated about Kennedy and the rest. How about John Edwards, no one in the media would cover it until the National Enquirer forced them to. How about Clinton denying to the end until the blue dress turned up with the “evidence”. Mona L. was attacked by the Clinton machine and that is a fact. In a court of law not public opinion urged on by a biased press these things would be considered as who has the great validity and it is always a judgment call
    . 1. Time frame between incident and reporting. Why was incident not reported timely or even as the WAPO article stated when the Mother became aware of it in the early 1990’s, still no report by Mom or accuser. It is clear Judge Moore was no person hiding in the shadows, he was and has been a very public persona. As Moore was a very easy target with his very conservative views and actions his background probably was researched very closely. WAPO article mentioned it took many interview encounters to get the accuser to come forth which to me would indicate she was not too troubled over the years, it seems she had to be coaxed.
    2. Timing of disclosure, at not time during Moore’s political career or even the recent primary were the allegations made. Why when even if Moore “confessed” there is no substitute for the ballot so he must remain of state ballot. Why not story broken during primary when Strange or Brooks (who should be the nominee in my opinion) could be the candidate.
    3. The serious injurious allegations are tied together with “news” about 1979 dating habits of a bachelor who was attracted to younger women. If the “bombshell” of the 14 year old was not the tag line highlight of the article would the article be newsworthy? , I think not. I believe Judge Moore’s wife is 14 years younger than him, proof of guilt of liking younger women?
    4. History and conduct in the area of allegations over period of time. I see no evidence of sexual misconduct or preying on women in Judge Moore’s record over the years. If it is there I have not seen it. The accuser described herself as no “angel” with a record that she appears not to proud of. So the sexual conduct of Moore stopped in 1980 or just still hidden? If this was a court of law would a reasonable jury believe the case was proved beyond a “reasonable” doubt or in a civil case with the preponderance of evidence showing guilt.
    And finally, I am new here on this site, certainly enjoy the diverse viewpoints and appreciate Chaplin Mike . I am not thin skinned but in the interest of perhaps learning how I come across why co you conclude I should expand my political and empathic horizons. We may not agree on issues but I do try to follow events and be empathic to the best of my nature. Not being defensive, just wondering ? thanks for your reply


  31. Some, not all.

    When I worked in Protective Services, I was surprised at how quickly a man’s life could change in the wake of a couple of phone calls. Sexual harassment is only one of the more dramatic areas where informal social pressure has had to be replaced by legislation, courts, and police.

    My wife has a problem with American jurisprudence, where ‘bad’ guys cannot be held for a period of time based upon suspicion or accusation until their guilt or innocence can be determined. It appears to her a very inefficient way of running a country.


  32. As to be expected.

    When Moore himself speaks, every other word is “GOD! GOD! GOD!”

    And there are three defenses already being spun:
    1) He’s Former Confederate States. Going after 14-to-16-year-old hotties is NORMAL and To Be Expected for 30+year-old men in the Former CSA.

    2) “Party First, Comrades!” — GOP leaders backing Moore because he has “(R)” behind his name.

    3) Bannon and the alt-right going full-court push because he sounds and acts like TRUMP.


  33. And why is the woman presumed to be lying until proven truthful? The thing is, I’ve seen this pattern far too often to discount it. If a woman offers an accusation of harrassment, she’s badgered for proof; if she offers proof, she’s attacked for not coming forth sooner/maligning the reputation of a good man/publicity seeking; and if she’s silent, well that proves there’s really no problem at all!

    Seriously, how many accusations like this end up being false?


  34. Two things I have concluded in this Age of Righteous Moral Fury:

    1) Fred Phelps’ REAL sin was being too direct instead of using the proper code words and tone.

    2) The more Virtue Signaling, the more abusive and corrupt.


  35. One of the most comforting things I can think of about being an actual reactionary is not having to apologize.

    And I wouldn’t defend sexual harassment as much as I would avenge it.


  36. I’m reading this late at night and thinking ‘what the hey’ and then, hmmmmm, ‘Fussminder’ and I get it.
    PROBLEM: I should have gotten it SOONER, LOL

    That’s because today it is literally impossible to tell the true from the hoax.
    In an Age of Extremes like today, as over-the-top crazy you can get as a joke, somewhere out there will be True Believers twice as over-the-top, twice as crazy, and DEAD SERIOUS.


  37. Folks has anyone but me every had the suspicion that the Christian religion is a kind of filtering mechanism to separate out all the sycophants and myrmidons and suck ups and the like from the general population of potential believers? Because what the Almighty really prefers are the malcontents, the hot heads and the rebels. (Those whom he loves most however are always the lost and confused and the ones honest enough to admit they haven’t the slightest idea what’s going on.)

    Think about it. The only way you could cull out the honest dissenters would be to create a situation that seems to privilege the wannabe lackeys. ( I mean someone who is willing to rebel in the face of eternal torture might just be somebody worth talking to. And face it, would you want to spend eternity with millions of folks grimly determined to fill up your water glass every time you took a sip?)

    I think my piquant little fantasy here is good Reformed theology. Except of course the Elect are just the opposite of what we have been told to expect.


  38. Have the mainstream media prominently reported the sexual abuse/assault allegations in the last month against politically liberal figures such as Louis CK and Harvey Weinstein? Yes. So (although everyone has their biases) I think we can stop claiming that reporting of the allegations against Moore are politically biased in any significant way.


  39. Yet everyone is still presumed innocent until proven guilty, right? Or are accusations’ enough now? Moral panics, no matter how well intentioned, seldom turn out well.

    (To show how far we’ve fallen, when I’ve made this kind of statement Ive been accused of defending sexual harassment when all I’m defending is the rule of law. Of course when I stated my opposition to political violence, specifically punching Nazis, I was accused of being a Nazi Oh well.)


  40. My concern is with the people who read those signs and think “well they’re not wrong but maybe their tone should be different”.

    No, they’re wrong.


  41. It’s sad how the GOP in Alabama is twisting Holy Scripture to protect “Judge” Moore against the allegations. To equate Moore to the Holy Family is an insult to Christians.

    It is sad that “Christians” are willing to vote for someone who could has have an inappropriate relationship with a minor so that the a Democrat will not win. Politics trumps morality.


  42. One thing about the rash of men who have lately been accused of harassment and molestation: every one of them already had a reputation for this behavior. I’m willing to bet real money that Moore did too. One thing that growing up in a real conservative PCA church taught me is that those who scream the loudest about how holy they are and those who are the loudest moral crusaders are usually the biggest sinners.


  43. I seem to recall the WaPo dutifully followed the Clinton scandals in the 90s. As for Ike and JFK, well, back then the press has a very different relationship with the government, and I’m not too sad to see that gone.

    Now, for Judge Moore himself… If you can’t see why his typical actions and positions invite criticism – let alone the criminal actions he’s been accused of – you need to expand your political and empathic horizons.


  44. Christiane, It is always good to read you comments. However, why the reference to Judge Moore? Judge Moore is being persecuted in the press it seems to me political and on a personal level for being a conservative Republican,, not because he is a fundamental Christian. Do you think the WAPO would have run the article if Moore was the liberal Democratic candidate? you do not think the WAPO would have buried the story if Moore was not a Christian do you? Would the WAPO run this story abut Clinton in 1992, Eisenhower in 1952 and perhaps Kennedy in 1960? Is good, moral Pence a Bible thumping Christian “nut” for not being alone with any women except his wife?, the world thinks so. Chaplin Mikes humorous cautionary parody is good for reflective thought and it is good to laugh at yourself, however discernment and knowledge is needed to catch the gist of the parody. It does tie in with yesterdays good article. So while Christians in the USA are not being “persecuted” in the traditional ways the social and cultural attacks on religious institutions are real and insidious. Look at the several mainstream observations that the people praying and worshiping God were not “saved” by their prayers and worship, just as silly as the parody. Roman Catholics in America, it seems to me, in particular are mocked and their belief ridiculed quite often by mainstream comedians on mainstream venues. humor and marginalization is more effective in our culture than blatant prosecution . Remember the “Church lady” on SN, funny but shaped a lot of public opinion. Chaplin Mike’s cute piece reminds me of the choice of neighbor you have in a college class, one is an artist, a patriot , comes from a good family, wants to better the life of working people, have state run daycare etc, the other is a loner, does not want to contribute to his country, is critical of his society and is almost anti social. If you pick #1 as your ideal neighbor is of course Hitler, #2 is Albert Schwitizer , the great missionary Doctor, we cannot take things at face value. . So as usual it is about context, discernment , knowledge and your inherent values that you learn.


  45. I’m reading this late at night and thinking ‘what the hey’ and then, hmmmmm, ‘Fussminder’ and I get it.
    PROBLEM: I should have gotten it SOONER, LOL

    great stuff, Chaplain Mike ….. we need more of this kind of thing . . . . . sort of reminds me of Headless Unicorn Guy who is a genius in his way

    This fits in with today’s news about the ‘righteous’ Judge Moore. Ah, how Christians are being persecuted these days. 🙂 I mean, you can’t make a guy like Roy Moore up, can you? It’s all too much lately. Thank you for the light in the darkness. It’s good therapy.


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