Some Favorite Photos from 2017

Eagle Creek Path Fall 2017

Some Favorite Photos from 2017

Before I introduce this year’s favorite pictures, let me say that I am looking forward to reading a book I received as a gift for Christmas. It’s called Eyes of the Heart: Photography as a Christian Contemplative Practice, by Christine Valters Paintner. Perhaps some of our readers who enjoy photography would like to read it along with me. Look for posts to come on this subject.

Here are a few of my favorites from the shots I took in 2017 with my Olympus Pen-F. They span the seasons of life here in Indiana and the Midwest, with a few New England pictures thrown in for good measure. I’d love to hear your feedback on which ones you like.

Click on the thumbnail to see a larger image.

19 thoughts on “Some Favorite Photos from 2017

  1. CM,

    I understand you live in Indiana…. do you ever get a chance to go down to Little Nashville (I believe its in Brown County)? Lots of great fall footage to be had there….


  2. I didn’t know that, Burro. Always loved the sight of those bridges . . . . something iconic about them: American good sense practically-applied and made visible. 🙂


  3. There are actually more than a few covered bridges in southern Michigan and Indiana, especially western Indiana


  4. That photo of the Vermont covered bridge brought back a lot of memories. My aunt Evelyn used to take all of us cousins up into the state parks of western Massachusetts and New Hampshire and Vermont, and I do remember seeing covered bridges . . . . very special to New England.


  5. Wow, I like all of them! Your photography is getting so good that I spent more time than usual looking at several, and hope to go back for another look before the day is over. But I’m particularly drawn to the first one, “Winter Path,” because I like paths and roads, and this one draws you in and strikes a chord. The contrast is so good, with dark tones balanced out with white and lights. And this photo could almost be taken anywhere: Indiana, Kentucky, and probably at points in many other areas. It pulls us into Christmas and winter sentimentalism without getting out of the car or walking out the front door! Keep up your excellent work.

    I’ve missed posting here, But Marge & I have moved, and it didn’t kill me! We are now in a smaller and more efficient setting in a wonderful community and a good small town. I hope to post more often in the future because I’m not so swamped from dawn to dusk with caregiving, housekeeping, groundscare.


  6. I was thinking of Wrigley Field, home of the indomitable Cubs.

    A noble name for any animal. May Wrigley be worthy of it, both in the offering of his companionship and his muricidal vocation.


  7. Spring Rainy Day reminded me, oddly enough, of a house that sat across a field of about 100 yards of tall grass when I was about 7 years old. It was haunted. Some very ominous and evil beings of one sort or another lurked inside keeping watch for any kids that might want to approach. The great Halloween challenge was to cross the wide open no man’s land, touch the house and return unharmed or, even worse, uncaptured. Not for the faint of heart, it required every ounce of courage.


  8. Hi john barry.

    Beautiful photos for sure.
    Van Gogh is my favourite impressionist artist, I have prints of his in my house,
    I see a lot of his exhibits to our southern land,
    He calms my soul. (Along with Bach).

    We get a lot of international artist exhibits in Aust we are not the bottom end of the World, quite the opposite.
    We are not all Paul Hogan and his ilke. Promise you not. We are well aware of the fine arts, literature and music.
    I feel the northern hemisphere thinks we in Aust are hillbillies. Not so.

    It depends on your circumstance, education and family upbringing.

    Our district where I live looks similar in our Autumn /(Fall).

    Hot and so dry in my neck of the woods at present. Praying for rain.

    I love the change of the season regardless of which hemisphere we live in.
    My photo skills are woeful, ask my children!
    We can all look forward to the New Year with our own expectations,
    or asking God to direct us in his expectations for us.

    Blessing to all,


  9. Chaplin Mike., Really lovely pictures. For some reason Fall River Fourth remind of me of Van Gogh. Sunrise Cross in inspiring. Thanks for sharing. I have some nice pictures taken with my I Phone but they are mostly of my thumb, the floor and sometimes the ceiling.


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